Light Movers + Vertical Growing = a Natural Fit

Urban Agriculture; Our Future of Food

LightRail light movers + vertical growing when combined is the best of two brilliant concepts

The future is now and we’re seeing vertical grow setups and vertical growing systems bigger and badder than ever before. Those urban farm setups and layered indoor grow kits are seriously efficient and beautifully logical. And, mainstream or traditional indoor grow systems have been taking notes. Even IKEA has come up with their own version of vertical grow setups consisting of vertical grow racks as a hydro grow kit. This is something significant for the hydro grow, for vertical indoor growing equipment to be marketed to the general public. Light movers + vertical growing make for a hydro grow kit that is outstanding in what it delivers for efficiency.

As to Ikea’s urban farm setups, they use fairly simple grow light systems for their hydroponic lighting. Whether indoor growing equipment is simple, or whether the grow equipment is more substantial, we are evolving. For the indoor garden, that’s especially true with the vertical grow.

The day of the season limiting, water guzzling, space hog of a summer garden is over for forwarding thinking people. Yes, we can do better. And because we can,  indoor grow setups are here to stay. Light movers + vertical growing is beautifully logical. So how do indoor grow lights work with vertical grow setups? And, how do LightRail light movers work with these vertical indoor growing systems? The short answer is, it’s a natural fit. LightRail light movers + vertical growing systems, when combined; it is the best of two brilliant indoor growing systems.

The indoor grow light hangs vertically as the light mover travels down the aisle

Here is the secret to making the vertical grow setups work. The indoor grow lights are moved as rail lights on LightRail light movers. And, the indoor plant light hangs vertically as the light mover rail moves along the center aisles. Also, vertical growing systems, as the indoor grow towers or vertical grow racks, get planted with aisle ways in mind. That’s because this is the direction or the source of the indoor plant light.

This provides maximum grow lamp coverage for both sides of these indoor grow systems

Take a look at the Bright Agrotech urban farm setup with vertical grow towers and grow racks

Here you will see indoor grow systems with LightRail light movers as robotic lights. And, the indoor grow lights are configured back to back in these vertical growing systems. So, these indoor grow systems are shining straight onto the vertical grow racks or vertical grow towers, and in both directions. In other words, the indoor plant light shines from the center aisle outwards in this grow room design. And, this indoor plant light moves along that center, shining on the plants from the sides as it moves in the grow room setup. So for the indoor garden, this provides maximum grow lamp coverage for both sides of these indoor grow systems.

These grow light systems are designed to shine efficiently straight on to the vertical indoor grow towers

Indoor Growing Equipment

Grow light systems can be easily adapted to vertical grow lamp needs. In other words, any indoor grow lights for any grow light systems can be configured as rail lights.  And, light movers + vertical growing works the following way. This indoor growing equipment then moves as robotic lights and shines sideways. Also, these grow light systems are designed to shine efficiently straight on to the vertical indoor grow towers or grow racks. So, grow equipment that includes a light rail system in the form of robotic lights are the natural answer to the indoor grow light dilemma of vertical grow configurations. All the benefits of a light mover can be achieved with any challenging indoor growing equipment spaces. That includes vertical growing systems and urban farm setups. The light rail system completes these indoor grow kits in an ingenious way for the indoor garden.

Zipfarm photos courtesy of Bright Agrotech