Light Mover Grow Racks

Light mover grow racks combine two brilliantly efficient concepts together for more yield per light plus more yield per square foot. Grow room efficiency is as important as anything. Because of this, we should be smart with our grow equipment, absolutely. So, combining two brilliantly efficient concepts [...]

The Three Biggest Myths About Moving Our Indoor Grow Lights on Light Movers

Light movers myths, scroll down for article: Download a copy for yourself. The Three Biggest Myths About Moving Your Light -Maximum Yield April-2014 (PDF) We were curious about what the biggest misconceptions might be with light movers, so we went straight to the experts at Gualala Robotics, [...]

How Much Off Season Greenhouse Lighting with Light Movers Is Needed?

We all know that supplemental greenhouse lighting is different in its needs. We do have the winter sun providing some indoor plant light to the indoor garden. And, that counts although it's weak and low to the horizon. Plus, the winter daylight hours are too short for effective growing as [...]

Indoor Marijuana Growing Systems: A Grow Pro Shares What He Knows

We don’t get there on our own and that is why this indoor grow expert shares what he knows about indoor marijuana growing systems. Botany Unlimited’s Mark Gomez, with decades of experience, is very open as to how he works his marijuana grow equipment. He has grown inside and outside, [...]

Commercial Grow Light Systems Together with Light Movers Result in Serious Success

Commercial grow light systems vary in their setups. In addition, a commercial grow room design can have available mounting structures for the indoor grow lights. An example of this is in the photo for Botany Unlimited Design Systems. So for these grow equipment setups, each indoor grow light is mounted [...]

Light Movers vs Stationary Indoor Grow Lamps – Are You a Rectangle or a Square?

Grow light system of LightRail light movers in Botany Unlimited Design Systems. Picture this: Light movers are rectangles of benefits and stationary indoor grow lamps are squares. The stationary light pattern as part of the indoor growing equipment is limiting. With that stationary light pattern, there is [...]

Gavita Indoor Grow Lights on LightRail Light Movers – Now There’s Some Magic

Gavita indoor grow lights with LightRail light movers: It’s a combination that gets super grow equipment results for our indoor grow setup.  Our grow light systems get us maximum yield with this combined force. So how do LightRail light movers work with Gavitas? What about that off-centered, weighted way that [...]

If I See One More Indoor Grow Light 2 Feet, 4 Feet or More Above the Plant Canopy, I Am Going To Scream

We’ve all seen the ad copy grow equipment photos. And, that's the same as the novice indoor growing system photos with each indoor grow light maybe 4 or 5 feet above the plants. Typically, we’ll also see in those same photos multiple, extra indoor grow lights. These grow lamps will [...]

The 6 Plant Rule with LightRail – Marijuana Grow Equipment and Changing Laws

Marijuana grow equipment including LightRail light movers makes all the difference in grower success. California voted in November 2016 for recreational marijuana legalization. They were the first in the United States to legalize medical marijuana and now to have legalized recreational use. Under current medical marijuana laws [...]

Light Mover Schematics for Indoor Grow Lights – Planning Out Your Grow Equipment

Better indoor plant light moves on a grow light mover. That gets higher PAR right to the canopy. And, it gets that better quality of light to more leaves at just the correct amount of time per surface. Plus, we can cover 30% more area per light. [...]

Custom UniStrut Compatible Rails Available for Indoor Grow Setups

Indoor grow setups are now compatible with custom light mover rails that fit strut channel indoor grow systems such as container grow setups. Don't you love grow equipment progress for indoor grow setups? Indoor grow setups as container grow setups and indoor commercial grow racks are seriously [...]

Rail Hangers for the Greenhouse and Grow Tent by Gualala Robotics and LightRail

LightRail light mover Rail Hangers allow the light mover rail to hang in a tent or greenhouse. We have an exclusive from Gualala Robotics And LightRail - Greenhouse and Tent Rail Hangers. So as part of our grow equipment, these very clever Rail Hangers are the solution. Specifically, [...]