How To Keep Grow Light Power Cords

On a LightRail light mover, there is a genius product for keeping power cords moving in sync. That’s because how to keep grow light power cords can be an issue. And, that's especially true with [...]

How Does Angled Indoor Plant Light Change Grow Results?

The answer might surprise you. On grow light movers, each grow light is briefly angled indoor plant light as it moves off center. Then, as the grow light moves over the canopy, it again becomes [...]

Robotic Grow Lights Do This

Gualala Robotics makes LightRail grow light movers, each as a little robot. These instrument grade robotic devises do incredible things for the indoor grow room setup. And, the same grow equipment benefits also apply to [...]

How to Diffuse LED Grow Light Intensity

First, we love LED grow lights. Good LED grow lights can accomplish great things for the indoor garden. They are unique indoor plant lights with huge grow light system benefits. And, those grow light system [...]

LightRail Light Mover Basement Grow Room Design

What we know: Our basement is valuable real estate. So, whether we are doing a grow room setup, or an indoor garden or indoor greenhouse, the basement is a space to consider. Here are the [...]

Urban Agriculture; Our Future of Food

What do Plenty, Square Roots and Hawthorne have in common? The answer is; they have a shared vision to better feed the world. But, this is not traditional farming that they have in mind. Instead, [...]

Climate Change Affects: Source USA Grow Light System Products

According to Forbes  “9 Things You Can Do About Climate Change”, buying local has an impact for doing good. So, for staying stocked with our grow equipment, we look to our local hydroponic lighting shops. [...]

How to Set Up Grow Lights with Tall Ceilings

For the grow room design that has too much height, how to set up grow lights with tall ceilings becomes a major challenge. And, sometimes the existing grow room or greenhouse support frame makes the [...]

How Is a Grow Light Mover Made in China Just Like a Soap Dish Made in China?

The soap dish part of the title can actually be a “fill in the blank” for each of us. We all have a Made in China story, and that’s for our grow equipment or for [...]

LightRail 5.0 Crossbar Configuration

LightRail 5.0 is unique because of the LightRail 5.0 crossbar configuration.  That crossbar allows for two medium grow lights or two large grow lights per crossbar. Or, the LightRail 5.0 crossbar configuration can handle three [...]

How to do a LightRail Grow Light Setup

When we are thinking of the LightRail grow room design for our indoor grow room or greenhouse, we need to do this. We want to make just one simple change up. And, this grow equipment [...]

Grow Room Design Using RoboStiks

LightRail RoboStiks can be very cleverly used in the indoor grow setup. Some growers call them grow light stabilizing bars so I’ll use both descriptions. But, important to know, these grow light system super stars [...]

Too many grow lights? Yes, there is such a thing…

Actually, we see this mistake a lot. And, the grow equipment thinking is that more must be better, right? If light equals yield, then let’s just go crazy with our indoor plant lights. But wait. [...]

How to Keep the Grow Tent Heat Off the Top

Let’s face it. Grow tents are limited in vertical grow system space. So, before we know it, the plants are getting way too close to the grow light. That’s noticeably true of stationary grow light [...]

Light Mover Indoor Grow Room Design Plans

The photo of four LightRail 4.20 Kits tells the story of how easy this is. Light mover indoor grow room design plans are absolutely simple to implement.  And, this is how that’s done.  As we [...]

Why Our Best LED Grow Lights Should Move

There are some really good LED grow lights on the market. And, there are some dreadful LED grow lights out there, as well. We want everyone to aim high with their LED grow lights by [...]

Indoor Garden Future Projections

According to Seedstock, indoor garden future projections are  expected to grow by more than 27 billion by 2020. That’s globally. And beyond that, the indoor garden future projections might likely grow at an even faster [...]

Winter Greenhouse Lights

The photo above is of an all season greenhouse in Iceland using winter greenhouse lights. Any indoor grow setup north of a certain latitude will absolutely need winter indoor grow lights. And, that’s because the [...]

Grow Light Spectrum with Grow Light Movers

What happens to our grow light spectrum numbers when we move our indoor grow lights? Are there benefits to our indoor grow systems? And, how can we maximize our grow light spectrum numbers that we [...]

Light Mover Basement Grow Room Install

The basement grow room is easy enough. But, how do we do the grow light mover part of the basement grow room install? Of course, we first think of the  grow room design of our [...]

Light Mover Double Ended Grow Lights

That title should get our attention for a couple of reasons. Light mover double ended grow lights are two powerhouse concepts. So, let’s see what affect this might have on our grow rooms. What happens [...]

Light Mover Commercial Grow Room Design Plans

As far as the grow room design, is larger more difficult for the grow equipment planning? And what about the grow light system for our grow room design? Specifically for how to set up a [...]

Light mover with a 4×4 grow tent

What are the grow equipment advantages to having a light mover with a 4x4 grow tent? And, how does this grow room design work with such a small grow tent? Is having a light mover [...]

How to Use Fewer Grow Lights

For any indoor grow setup, the grow room design is key for the indoor plant light. And, grow room electrical savings is seriously important for the grow room design and operation. So, how to use [...]

How far away should a grow light be?

We’ve all seen photos of indoor grow lights positioned 6-10 feet high in a greenhouse and even some grow facilities. We like to call those street-light grows. But, is that high positioning ok? How far [...]

Grow Tent Lighting

Grow tent lighting is significantly different from the lighting in a typical grow room setup. So, it’s worth taking note of those grow room design differences. And, it’s worth seeing how we can best optimize [...]

There’s no such thing as indoor grow light spread

At least, not the kind of light spread that is really useful. So, here is how the title is truer than not. First, with stationary indoor grow lights, the idea of indoor grow light spread [...]

Light Mover Grow Racks

Grow room efficiency is as important as anything. Because of this, we should be smart with our grow equipment, absolutely. So, combining two brilliantly efficient concepts together into light mover grow racks makes sense. The [...]

Are light movers worth it?

It’s a straight forward question. Are light movers worth it? Fortunately, we can answer this logically and in a straight forward way. Light movers are rock stars for what they can bring to any grow [...]

LightRail Movers for Hydroponic Grow Lights

LightRail Hydroponic lighting grow lights - light rail movers. It's all about the bottom line. Time taken and yield achieved is what matters. Professional growers like both of those grow measurements to be outstanding. [...]

Awesome Grow Rooms vs Average Grow Rooms

Hey, here’s some good news. We get to pick. Do we want awesome grow rooms or do we want average? When a grow room setup is a binary choice of excellent compared to average, of [...]

Grow Lights in the Indoor Greenhouse

It doesn't have to be this way. For many of us, we can actually use our greenhouse all four seasons. And important to know, the indoor grow setup changes significantly by simply adding grow lights [...]

Which grow lights are best?

Specifically, which grow lights are best on grow light movers? There are entire categories of indoor grow lights that we can break apart as we look into these grow light system comparisons. So, when thinking [...]

How to Keep a Grow Tent Cool

Indoor grow tents are easy to use and easy to manage, but they can get seriously hot. Even a greenhouse tent version can run hot. So, what do we do to cool things off? And [...]

Are Double Ended Grow Lights Better?

The quick answer is they are magic for what they can do. So, are double ended grow lights better than a traditional high pressure sodium grow light? Oh yes. Research shows that  double ended (DE) [...]

How Much Off Season Greenhouse Lighting with Light Movers Is Needed?

We all know that supplemental greenhouse lighting is different in its needs. We do have the winter sun providing some indoor plant light to the indoor garden. And, that counts although it's weak and low [...]

Better Indoor Plant Light Does This

We’ve all heard less is more, and that is true for nutrients, for indoor plant light and for a lot of thing, really. But, we need to be careful here. There are two important things [...]

Light Mover Hydroponic Lighting

How does light mover hydroponic lighting work for an indoor grow setup? And, what are the general advantages to having some version of a hydro grow kit. First, growing indoors hydroponically can give us  four [...]

Comparing LightRail Light Mover Quality

It’s that time of year when we have more poser grow light mover products starting to appear on Amazon and eBay, and even in some stores. So, it is definitely buyer beware and know before [...]

Frankensteining Light Mover Growing Equipment

Is it ok to Frankenstein light mover growing equipment? The short answer is, absolutely! Sure, we wouldn’t go as extreme as Ikea hackers, but we can get creative. The important thing to keep in mind [...]

Indoor Greenhouse with Grow Lights on Light Movers

For a super smart urban ag idea, why not bring the small greenhouse indoors for the cold months. Our indoor grow systems can be in the form of a basement grow room or a garage [...]

How to Set Up a Light Mover Grow Room

Setting up a light mover grow room is fairly simple. And, it will actually be easier than setting up a stationary grow light system. The basic reason for that in our grow room setup is [...]

Grow Tent Light Movers

A grow tent is like an indoor grow room setup contained within a larger space. So, it’s very much like a grow room kit. And, typically a grow tent is on the smaller side. Because [...]

LightRail Light Mover Time Delay Setting

What is a good setting for the LightRail light mover time delay? And, do all LightRail light movers have that grow equipment feature? LightRail light movers are unique in that they all do have the [...]

Light Mover Indoor Grow Light Stability

The light mover indoor grow light is smooth when it comes to operation, and it’s sleek and modern in function. And, this indoor grow system is fairly slow in movement. As examples, the  LightRail 3.5 [...]

Light Mover Perimeter Indoor Grow Light Coverage

The indoor grow setup is easy enough to plan out. But what about the corners and all the edges of our indoor grow systems? With stationary grow light systems and by design, those areas are [...]

Light Mover Hydro Grow Kit

How do grow light systems work with light movers in a hydroponic lighting setup? What’s different about a light mover hydro grow kit? And, what are the indoor grow system advantages? Efficiency counts First, hydroponics [...]

Our Best Grow Lights Should Move

Sure, indoor grow lights should move on grow light movers. But, what about the best grow lights? Aren’t these grow light systems just fine on their own? The short answer is all indoor grow lights [...]

Powerful Grow Light Movers

Yes, we can turn our indoor grow lights into one amazing grow light system beast, and how we do this is seriously simple. And, for existing grow light mover systems, there's a clever hack for [...]

Light Mover Grow Light System Automation

The more we automate, the more we can be this guy. And, light mover grow light system automation is an important and techy part of the grow room setup. With just a little  indoor grow [...]

The LightRail Gavita Combination

If ever there was an indoor grow light made as a perfect match for LightRail light movers, it’s the Gavita indoor grow light. The LightRail Gavita combination is absolute perfection when it comes to grow [...]

How Linear Light Movers Fill Wider Grow Dimensions

Linear light movers work great and they give us stellar results for growth rates and yield numbers. But, what about covering wider growroom dimension for our grow light systems? Also, how can we get slightly [...]

UV Grow Light Movers Are Eliminating Powdery Mildew

UV grow light movers are absolutely rocking it. We already know that uv grow lights and uvb grow lights help kick start the bloom phase. And, that's because they serve as plant stressors. We also [...]

Three Clever Light Mover Coverage Levels

There are three major light mover coverage levels that occur and all three happen at the same time. This is super smart. And, it’s something that can’t be beat as far as indoor grow system [...]

Light Mover Space Planning

First we just want to say, light mover space planning is super easy. Planning our grow light system is so easy, in fact, that what works for the smallest indoor grow kit also works for [...]

Light Mover Container Grow Rooms

Shipping containers are used for everything from homes, pools, storage to actually shipping something. But, they are also used for container grow rooms. And, these indoor grow systems work best as light mover container grow [...]

Greenhouse Grow Light Movers Light It Up

The greenhouse is, more and more, the all season greenhouse. So, just using a greenhouse as an indoor growing system for a season and a half is how we used to grow. But now, by [...]

LightRail Light Mover Add A Lamp Works How?

First, we just want to mention how smart the LightRail light mover  Add A Lamp grow light system is. This grow light system addition is seriously clever. And, it's simply the best way to move [...]

Light Movers Equal Faster Plant Growth

We know that yields increase just with that change of using grow light movers. But what about growth rates for our indoor grow setups? Does indoor plant light moved on grow light movers equal faster [...]

LightRail Light Mover RoboStik is Clever and Versatile

The LightRail light mover RoboStik is super clever in what it can do for our grow light movers. First let’s look at its intended use, which is to position a grow lamp ninety degrees from [...]

Indoor Growing with Light Movers vs Outdoor Growing

Has outdoor growing met its match? First we should say, you don’t have to pick one grow equipment side or the other. We understand that outdoor growing works for some people decently enough. Indoor growing [...]

Light Movers with Vented Grow Lights

What is it we need to know about light movers with vented grow lights? And, how does movement with the grow light mover effect air-cooled hoods? Can we do this with our indoor growing systems? [...]

LightRail 4.20 AdjustaDrive Light Mover for Any Sized Facility

This grow light mover is a beast. It’s worth saying first. And, the LightRail 4.20 AdjustaDrive light mover is made for any sized indoor grow facility. So, whether we want to move two indoor grow [...]

How to Set Up a Light Mover

When thinking of how to set up a light mover, we need to first plan out the grow equipment space. This is the planning phase and for our grow light movers, it's easy.That planning involves [...]

Light Movers in Urban Farms

Using light movers in urban farms can make a huge difference in our results. Grow rooms are often urban farm setups, or they might have dedicated space for farming. And, those urban farm setups can [...]

Light Mover Power Consumption and Efficiency

What do we know about the light mover power consumption? And, even though we save power by covering about 30% more grow room area, what kind of electricity do we use doing that? The answer [...]

The Heat Factor: The Benefits of Light Movers

The benefits of light movers are definitely something to consider. That's because indoor grow lights can be brutal when it comes to the extra heat they produce. It’s a major grow equipment problem. And, that’s [...]

The LightRail Light Mover Trolley and Three Clever Hacks

Clever Hack #1 The LightRail light mover trolley   has some pretty clever uses. And, the first to mention is the obvious grow light system use of moving a second indoor grow light. That indoor [...]

The Light Mover Guide for the Grow Room

Basically, it’s “know before you grow”. But also, absolutely learn as you grow, and then improve. This light mover guide covers the three most important grow light system details to know for the grow room. [...]

Basement Grow Room Tips for Noise Control

There are plenty of basement grow room tips out there for a variety of indoor grow systems. We’ll find basement grow room tips covering indoor growing equipment, hydroponic lighting and the basics of the grow [...]

Coral Farms with Light Movers

Coral farms with light movers provide an interesting combination of phenomenon. First, coral farms do exist and they are pictured here as Drs. Foster and Smith in an aquarium setting. And, even the National Oceanic [...]

The LightRail Light Mover Rail and Can We Change the Length?

We can change the LightRail light mover rail length for our grow light system. And, we can make this grow equipment change in a number of ways. First, the LightRail light mover rail is two [...]

Robotic Lights and Automation in the Grow Room

Robotics will be growing about 35% in the next five years in business settings. And, that's according to a number of projections. Grow room setups and urban farm setups are included in this trend. But, [...]

Hydro Grow Kit with LightRail Light Movers

Hydroponics and hydroponic lighting naturally tie together. And, that’s best done as a hydro grow kit with light movers. A hydro grow kit with light movers can be an indoor grow system with passive hydroponics [...]

Light Penetration with Light Movers

We all know that a grow light mover will move along the plant canopy. We can picture that grow light system feature and the grow equipment logic is definitely there. So, we get it. It’s [...]

How To Install a Light Mover

Before setup When it comes to how to install a light mover, first buy a surge protector. Grow light systems need protection so you absolutely need this. Get a proper surge protector for your indoor [...]

Light Movers Affect Grow Light Systems

Once we’ve seen a light mover in action, we know we’re seeing something that impacts the grow lighting. Light movers affect grow light systems, and our eyes can clearly see that. In an indoor growing [...]

Why are the Light Mover Rails 6’6” When We Only Need a Grow Lamp to Move Three Feet?

Life is full of these grow equipment mysteries. So, why are the light mover rails 6’6” long? We especially want to know because nobody wants to move their indoor grow lights much more than maybe [...]

Urban Farm Setup with LightRail Light Movers

This urban farm setup is so smart that we had to share. It’s designed by Botany Unlimited You can grow anything in this indoor growing system and they do. Our urban farm setup, aka [...]

Marijuana Grow Equipment Wisdom – What Would Yoda Say?

Our marijuana grow equipment should not be giving us average results. With too many growers, sadly, the status quo seems perfectly fine. They might say, "I get the same yield as everyone else and growth [...]

Indoor Marijuana Growing Systems: A Grow Pro Shares What He Knows

We don’t get there on our own and that is why this indoor grow expert shares what he knows about indoor marijuana growing systems. Botany Unlimited’s Mark Gomez, with decades of experience, is very open [...]

Indoor Grow Lights with a Half Light Mover Rail – Smart!

If we move our indoor grow lights along a light mover Rail, we see results.  We then benefit from faster plant growth and substantially increased yield. It’s a two-part grow equipment effect that happens exactly [...]

Indoor Grow Kit That Moves Three Grow Lights

Gualala Robotics has come up with a grow light system that moves three indoor grow lights with just one LightRail 3.5 or one LightRail 4.0 Motor. This is really smart. Each grow lamp travels in [...]

Commercial Grow Light Systems Together with Light Movers Result in Serious Success

Botany Unlimited grow light systems incorporate LightRail light movers with their hydroponic grow lights. These indoor grow kits get the fastest growth and increased yield as the indoor grow lights get fired in close [...]

Grow Light System, How Far Can I Move It?

We all know that light movers get a better quality of indoor grow light to more of the plant. That better grow lamp quality for our hydroponic lighting will result in faster plant growth and [...]

LED Grow Lights Take Off with LightRail Light Movers

LED grow lamps are genius in what they can do. That's especially true when they are moved on light movers. We all know that LED grow lights are intense, focused indoor grow lights. The variable [...]

Light Movers and Inverse Square Law – Rule It!

This is so simple and at the same time, so brilliant, but first we have to cover the bad news: Inverse Square Law works against every grower out there who does not move their indoor [...]

LightRail 4.20 AdjustaDrive – The Industrial Light Mover

Gualala Robotics has done it again and this time they have created a beast in a very industrial light mover. It is scalable, customizable and seriously commercial in that each trolley wheel set is rated [...]

Best Commercial Indoor Grow Light Solutions

We all know the advantages to moving our indoor grow lights. Those advantages include improving our indoor grow equipment's effectiveness. And, that's for any commercial indoor grow light.  That improvement comes from a two-part, simultaneous [...]

The LightRail Brand – It’s More Than a Just a Name

There are certain brand names used in indoor grow systems that stand out and that’s not by random chance. These are the grow equipment products with seriously good reputations, earned over time. LightRail light movers [...]

Grow Lamp Bravery – Yield as a Verb for Indoor Grow Equipment Results

For indoor grow equipment results, the status quo is for hobby growers. Serious growers don’t have time for it. Good growers know that time taken and yield achieved is what matters. They like both of [...]

Five Reasons for Greenhouse Grow Lights to Be Moved on Light Movers

Greenhouse grow lights do best when moved on LightRail light movers. Imagine greenhouses used for indoor grow setups all the time, including winter. Double walled greenhouse structures for the greenhouse tent grow equipment [...]

Light Movers vs Stationary Indoor Grow Lamps – Are You a Rectangle or a Square?

Picture this: Light movers are rectangles of benefits and stationary indoor grow lamps are squares. The stationary light pattern as part of the indoor growing equipment is limiting. With that stationary light pattern, there is [...]

Plasma Grow Lights with LightRail Light Movers

Plasma grow lights are some of the best grow lamps out there for indoor growing systems. Most of what is unique about plasma grow lights are positives including a super effective grow light system output. [...]

The Marijuana Gold Rush, Marijuana Hydroponics and Light Movers

The marijuana gold rush of our day has major forward momentum. That forward momentum is also how we describe the indoor marijuana hydroponics business and that momentum will continue. And, all of it is influenced [...]

Do The Best Grow Lights Really Need Light Movers?

Is it necessary to move a really good indoor grow light on a light mover? Can’t the best grow lights simply be stand-alone indoor grow lights? How about double ended indoor grow lights or powerful [...]

Grow Racks and LightRail Light Movers

Indoor growing systems are efficient and they are becoming even more so. That's as unique, indoor grow setups of grow racks or vertical grow shelves, together with LightRail light movers. Grow racks are exciting for [...]

Gavita Indoor Grow Lights on LightRail Light Movers – Now There’s Some Magic

Gavita indoor grow lights with LightRail light movers: It’s a combination that gets super grow equipment results for our indoor grow setup.  Our grow light systems get us maximum yield with this combined force. So [...]

If I See One More Indoor Grow Light 2 Feet, 4 Feet or More Above the Plant Canopy, I Am Going To Scream

We’ve all seen the ad copy grow equipment photos. Or, it could be novice indoor growing system photos with each indoor grow light maybe 4 or 5 feet above the plants. Typically, we’ll also see [...]

The 6 Plant Rule with LightRail – Marijuana Grow Equipment and Changing Laws

California has voted (November 2016) for recreational marijuana legalization. They were the first in the country to legalize medical marijuana and now have legalized recreational. And,  under current medical marijuana laws as of this writing [...]

A Light Mover vs a Stationary Grow Light; No Contest

Stationary indoor grow lights? That’s old school. Today’s indoor growing equipment is so much smarter. These new, cutting edge indoor grow systems include LightRail light movers. A light mover is the key in getting the [...]

Light Movers + Vertical Growing = a Natural Fit

LightRail light movers + vertical growing when combined is the best of two brilliant concepts The future is now and we're seeing vertical grow setups and vertical growing systems bigger and badder than ever before. [...]

Light Movers Inside Grow Tents – Absolutely!

Sure, we all know the benefits of moving indoor grow lights. The main advantages include getting a better quality of indoor grow light to more of the leaves. Also, it includes a more intense grow [...]

Light Mover Schematics for Indoor Grow Lights – Planning Out Your Grow Equipment

Planning out our indoor grow lights with LightRail light movers is easy enough. We simply need to think of our grow light systems in terms of 2-meter rails (6’6”). That's in the case of LightRail [...]

UV Grow Lights with LightRail for Better Grows

You’ve probably heard of growers using UV grow lights or UVB grow lights. This grow equipment addition acts as a stress agent near the end of the bloom cycle. This simple indoor grow light change [...]

Indoor Growing vs Outdoor Growing

Plenty of people line up on one side or the other when it comes to indoor growing equipment vs outdoor grow equipment. So, here is how we used to think. We used to think [...]

Off the Grid Indoor Growing Equipment

Oh yes you can and it’s simpler than you think. We like indoor grow systems and indoor growing equipment because of the quality of yield from that grow equipment. And, we like the benefits [...]

How to Set Up Indoor Grow Operations in Legal Growing States like Colorado and Washington

With the need for medical marijuana and the advances in indoor grow setups for legal marijuana in states such as Colorado and Washington, we have learned how to fine tune and how to make marijuana [...]

Unique Grow Lamp Systems – Which Ones Work with LightRail Light Movers?

How do LightRail Light Movers Work with the Unique Grow Lamp Systems? Here’s what we know: Indoor plant light is the single most important ingredient for the overall health of the plant. That indoor growing [...]

Custom UniStrut Compatible Rails Available for Indoor Grow Setups

The strut channel custom light mover rail can be positioned for any container grow room. It can be positioned inline, 90 degrees or to any angle. Indoor growing systems have many choices when it [...]

Supplemental Greenhouse Lighting Grow Lights with Light Movers

Supplemental greenhouse lighting with each grow lamp moving on a light mover rail. Photo courtesy of Botany Unlimited Design Systems, HydroCage facility with LightRail   Supplemental greenhouse lighting makes all the difference for [...]

Botany Unlimited Design Systems; HyGroCage – Hydroponic Lighting

Botany Unlimited ( with each indoor grow kit using hydroponic lighting technology. The grow lighting is moved along each light mover rail. And, this gets the grow lamps close to the hydro grow kit [...]

Indoor Gardening and Reproducing the Sunlight Supply

When it comes to indoor gardening and reproducing the sunlight supply, there are always multiple factors to consider for your indoor grow setup. Getting the most out of our indoor grow systems requires careful planning. [...]

Indoor Grow System Connection – LightRail Light Mover Searches Can Now Connect Directly To Your Store

Think of this as an indoor grow system connection right to your store. The internet has always given businesses the opportunity to immediately impact potential customers. And, this "for sale" indoor growing equipment connection works [...]

HydroMag UK’s LightRail Review

The Hydroponic Grow Room LightRail by Gualala – is This the Best Light Rail? LightRail Review by Christian Mason in HydroMag UK September 2014 As a LightRail review,  with possibly the coolest product name since the [...]

Faszination LightRail – Homegrowing, Grow Lamps with Indoor Plants

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The Three Biggest Myths About Moving Our Indoor Grow Lights on Light Movers

Light movers myths, scroll down for article: Download a copy for yourself. The Three Biggest Myths About Moving Your Light -Maximum Yield April-2014 (PDF) WE WERE CURIOUS ABOUT WHAT THE BIGGEST MISCONCEPTIONS MIGHT BE [...]

The Secret to the Off Season Greenhouse

When the days are shorter and cooler; that's when we all know what’s just around the corner. And, that's when the off season greenhouse makes the most sense. Gardening turns into raking leaves which later [...]

SERVICE BULLETIN from Gualala Robotics: Confusion With Other Light Movers

We've been getting calls from indoor gardening and hydroponic lighting stores. And, that's to tell us that a Gualala Robotics LightRail light mover needs service. But, we soon find  out that it's not a LightRail [...]

Rail Hangers for the Greenhouse and Grow Tent by Gualala Robotics and LightRail

We have an exclusive from Gualala Robotics And LightRail - Greenhouse and Tent Rail Hangers. So as part of our grow equipment, these very clever Rail Hangers are the solution. That's for hanging LightRail light movers and [...]

Understanding All of the Different Grow Light Setups

Condensed from Grow Light Setups By Susan Slobac , No indoor garden is complete without efficient grow light setups. Most often, the quality of the indoor grow light source makes a significant difference. Also, whether we [...]