Let’s face it. Sometimes grow light sizes or weights can seem intimidating. How to hang a long rectangular grow light on a LightRail light mover might seem to be one of those instances. The truth is it’s easy and intuitive, and the same basic grow light hanging principles apply for any grow light system size.

Intense grow light activity can be within inches

LightRail light movers in Dakota College greenhouse pix 1

LightRail light movers in Dakota College greenhouse test area.

Here is a photo from a Dakota College greenhouse study using LightRail 4.0 Kits. The intensity of the grow light so close to the plants made for perfectly realized grow light ppfd to more of the plant surfaces. And, that ideal ppfd could not be achieved with stationary grow lights positioned higher and in higher numbers. So, this shows efficiency on two fronts at once. We can see powerfully intense grow light activity within inches of the canopy. And, we can see fewer grow lights are in use with each grow light system covering a span of light moving surface area. It is brilliant grow equipment maximization.

Four centered grow light hanging points

So, it’s logical and smart, but what about the logistics? How to hang a long rectangular grow light on a LightRail; would that be a challenge? The answer is it is really just the same hanging principle as for any grow light. In other words, it can be a square grow light or a rectangular grow light, and that’s at any weight, and we have common elements. There are four indoor grow light corners, as the first detail. That makes four ideal hanging points with grow light hangers used to get the hanging points down to two. In addition, we have gravity pulling straight down. And, we have the LightRail centered eyehook or the two holes in the bottom metal plate of the LightRail light mover for even weight. Either can be used for grow light hanging and either would create balance.

The key to how to hang a long rectangular grow light on a LightRail is to first make sure the Rail is straight and level with no ceiling incline. Then, the indoor grow light needs to be level and straight, and evenly connected to the four corner hanging points. Using a level is helpful in achieving that flat, even plane for the grow light positioning.

How to Hang a Long Rectangular Grow Light on a LightRail

What about an even larger rectangular grow light? Take a look at the grow light photo below. Particularly, look at the grow light to the left and in the background. It’s a more massive rectangle. But still, the same principles apply. Straight and level, and with an even plane is all that is called for. The hanging points come up to the bottom of the LightRail light mover Motor for even tracking on the light mover Rail. Adjustable height rope ratchets are used here, purchased separately. But, certain grow environments or urban agriculture settings might require different hanging mechanisms. And, that’s depending on regional code.

Uses for LightRail light mover Auxiliary Trolleys

LightRail light movers moving large rectangular grow lights in the greenhouse setting.

The last thing to mention for how to hang a long rectangular grow light on a LightRail is cord management. Any electrical cords need to be positioned so there is enough slack in the line for both directions of travel. No matter if the electrical source is up high or to the side, cords can then be threaded and secured as we want them to be. We can take control of this to suit our movement needs. Then, for longer runs possible in the greenhouse grow light setting, we can do even more. In that instance, we can use Auxiliary Trolleys to have grow light cords move in sync with our moving grow light system.

How to hang a long rectangular grow light on a LightRail light mover is easy when you keep things balanced. And from that point, even tracking with a straight and level Rail is the key. Then, we can get our grow lights close and powerful for maximum ppfd for much faster growth and increased yields. We can have these same advantages that any moving grow light can deliver. And, that’s no matter the grow light size or weight.