Light movers take the heat off the plants directly and they take some of the heat out of the grow room with fewer grow lamps needed. The benefits of light movers include getting the heat off.

The benefits of light movers include taking the heat of the plants by moving the grow lamps over the tops of the canopy. Also, more area can be covered by each grow lamp, so light movers are an efficiency product with less electricity needed.

The light mover indoor grow light is smooth when it comes to operation, and it’s sleek and modern in function. And, this indoor grow system is fairly slow in movement. As examples, the  LightRail 3.5 light mover has a set speed of 4 feet per minute. And, the  LightRail 4.0 light mover has an adjustable speed of 2-4 feet per minute. So, the light mover indoor grow light stability is there through that slower motion. And logically, from that slower speed, we have easy stops and smooth reverses of direction, as well.

Unique light mover rail design

Another reason for the light mover indoor grow light stable operation is the unique light mover rail design. The drive wheel drives the light mover motor in its track on the rail. And, the trolley wheels provide smooth and stable operation as it moves along the light mover rail. These grow equipment details are important for quieter, more stable results.

The LightRail light mover stays evenly on track

Let’s picture what this looks like. The LightRail light mover motor is positioned rigidly in its rail groove. And, this provides even more stability of operation for the indoor grow room setup. So, when there is air movement from grow equipment fans, the LightRail light mover stays evenly on track. In other words, there is no grow light mover swaying caused by air movement for our indoor grow systems.

More light mover indoor grow light stability

Can the light mover indoor grow light sway independently from the grow light mover? Yes, indoor grow equipment such as fans can cause our indoor grow lights to sway and that’s especially true of lighter weight indoor grow lights. For example, the wing style indoor grow light on a grow light mover would move in a grow room setup with fans. But, they would move even if stationary with any kind of grow equipment fan action happening. There is a very clever growing equipment hack to take care of this, however, and that is to use weights positioned on the top of the grow lamp hood. And, of course, those weights should be somewhat lightweight and evenly positioned. Weights will be mentioned again farther below and that’s with another clever light mover indoor grow light use.

One smart grow equipment accessory for vent tubing

Ductwork and vent tubing can also be easily incorporated into the bigger picture of light mover indoor grow light stability. And specifically, there are auxiliary trolleys we can use in our indoor grow systems. This smart growing equipment accessory can be used to festoon or tie the ductwork and that would be done with a simply bungie cord.

The light mover indoor grow light stability is helped by using Auxiliary Trolleys

The LightRail light mover trolley can festoon the ductwork of vented hoods. So, as the light travels on the grow light mover, the ductwork moves out ahead or behind, in unison. So smart. This helps to provide light mover indoor grow light stability of movement.

This photo shows what that looks like. So, when our grow light mover is moving along the light mover rail, it gently pulls the ductwork behind. And then, when the grow light mover is going in the other direction, it pushes the ductwork out ahead. This helps to contribute to a very functional grow room setup. And, that’s the case for performance and stability.

Gavita LightRail light mover combinations

Light mover indoor grow light stability can also be achieved with grow lamps that are unevenly weighted. Grow lamps that have the ballast included are heavy on one side and lighter on the other. But, the thing to remember is that gravity is on our side and these indoor grow lights have a tendency to self-level. And, that’s looking at how they operate with using rope ratchets to hang them. Gavita indoor grow lights are a good example of this style. So, chances are, rope ratchets are all that needs to be done for evening-out our grow light system.

Fulcrum ideas and a video link

If we feel we want to go one more grow light system level of perfection with these styles of grow lights, we can use a weight on the top of the indoor grow light. And, that grow lamp weight would be on the lighter side. Keep in mind that we can use any weight as a fulcrum, so we can make it lighter as it moves toward the middle of the grow lamp. And, we can make it heavier as we move it closer to the outer edge of the grow lamp. We can also use that fulcrum idea when hanging our indoor grow lights on a grow light mover. Here is a video link that shows how that’s done or check out the LightRail Gavita combination.

The indoor grow room setup can be built out very effectively for any grow light systems. And, light mover indoor grow light systems give these grow room setups sleek and modern function along with smooth, stable operation.