Robotics will be growing by about 35% in the next five years in business settings. And, that’s according to a number of projections. Grow room setups and urban farm setups are included in this trend. But, the individual basement grow room or garage grow room can also benefit from automation in the grow room. Robotic lights are one of the most obvious grow room setting upgrades. So, let’s see how this works.

First, let’s look at the obvious advantage of robotics in general. The more we have robotic automation, the more we are freed up. Driver-less cars are just the beginning of this societal change. And, it’s not that robotic devices are taking our place but rather, they are helping us out. It’s the same with robotic lights.

Indoor grow room efficiency


Light movers are robotic lights that result in perfect light coverage for each leaf area and at just the correct amount of time. We cannot duplicate the perfection of that even if we tried. Photo is of Botany Unlimited HyGrowCage – simply a brilliant all in one indoor grow system.

Robotic lights in the form of grow light movers do a job we do not want to do. It’s just that simple. We know that indoor grow lights need to move on grow light movers. It’s a given, and the ppfd grow light numbers tell us why. But, what would we have to do if we did not have our indoor grow lights moving on Light Rail light movers? What would that grow equipment scenario look like? We would have to have a team of helpers just moving the grow equipment. And, it would not even be possible to move grow light systems by hand to duplicate what a grow light mover could do. Or, moving the grow equipment pots or tables would have to be continuously done all day long.

So, the manual way of moving our indoor grow system is a seriously bad choice. And, not moving things at all just gives us slower growth and yield numbers that are less than what they could be. On the other hand, robotic automation for our grow light system makes it seriously easy. It also frees up our employees to do other things. And, we should know this. There is nothing we could do manually that comes close to getting the same results as simply moving our indoor grow lights on grow light movers.

This simple robotic lights action gets us a much better quality indoor plant light to more of the leaves

Here is what robotic lights can do for our grow light systems. First, take a look at the video of what this looks like:

All day long, our indoor grow lights can move along the light mover rail. This simple robotic lights action gets us a much better quality indoor plant light to more of the leaves. And, that better indoor grow light quality is to each leaf area surface at just the correct amount of time. That’s called Leaf Area Index (LAI) and it’s the magic of Light Rail light movers.

The other grow light system ingredient that we’ll see once we move our indoor plant light on Light Rail light movers is we can now get closer. So, our grow light system can get close to the canopy. And, that gets a better, stronger grow lamp interaction with a more powerful grow light system now interacting with the leaves. That’s the case whether we use a LightRail 3.5 Kit, a LightRail 4.0 Kit or a LightRail 4.20 Kit.

Indoor plant light that is stationary can stress the plants

This indoor grow system detail could never work with stationary grow light systems. When the grow lamps are stationary, they have to be positioned multiple feet up from that canopy. And, the reason for that is we would have indoor plant light hot spots and areas of grow lamp overkill. Indoor plant light that is stationary can stress the plants.  And, it can cause slower growth and lower yields for any indoor grow system.

With robotic lights, the hot spots are eliminated

But, put any of those stationary grow lamps on a Light Rail light mover and the hot spots are eliminated. And, that’s with a closely positioned grow lamp. Also, a side benefit is that at the same time our robotic lights travel on the light mover rail, we see a decrease in shadow patterns. In other words, more of the leaves are now interacting with the grow lamps. That means that more of those leaves are working for the plants. So, picture that. The leaves are now working at a better pace and with the help of robotic lights which are working on a grow light mover. For our grow light systems, that shows grow equipment automation at its finest.

We cannot manually duplicate the indoor grow system results from a grow light mover

Light Rail light movers turn our grow lamps into robotic lights with amazing grow room results. We cannot manually duplicate the indoor grow system results from a grow light mover. Nor do we even want to try. Automation and robotics help us to do a better job, and that’s with more precision than we could possibly do ourselves. And, robotics and robotic lights, in particular, free us up to do other things. We can now let the grow lamps work for us. And, because each grow lamp is moving on a Light Rail light mover, we can let the leaves better work for the plants. Our indoor grow system payoff will be in faster growth and much better yields.