Marijuana grow equipment with LightRail light movers in the grow light setup

Marijuana grow equipment including LightRail light movers makes all the difference in grower success.

California voted in November 2016 for recreational marijuana legalization. They were the first in the United States to legalize medical marijuana and now to have legalized recreational use. Under current medical marijuana laws as of this writing (2017), the rules for California cultivation are interesting. These laws allow 6 mature plants and 12 immature plants, with some counties being more lenient. So, marijuana grow equipment choices would be impacted by the new legal recreational law slightly differently. These specific new rules would allow for growing 6 plants without the need for a license. That’s significant for indoor growing system choices. The proposed law goes beyond just that indoor marijuana growing system detail but what an important detail it is.

Light movers are perfect for these numbers and should be part of any marijuana grow equipment setup

So with these numbers, how do we plan out indoor marijuana growing systems as part of our grow equipment? What marijuana grow equipment do we use? And, the grow light systems for marijuana should be configured how? LightRail light movers are perfect for these numbers. And, they should be part of any marijuana grow kit as we plan out our 6 plants. Also, LightRail light mover grow light systems are scalable and can go as big as we like. That’s to fill the largest grow warehouse, but they are also ideal for this 6 plant scenario with an indoor plant light.

Here are a few examples of grow light system configurations. LightRail 4.20 AdjustaDrive Kit moves two indoor grow lights all with one Motor along 13 feet of Rail. Do you see where we’re going with this? Six mature indoor plants would be perfect for this indoor grow light system. And for indoor grow setup of 6 plants that are smaller and not yet mature? Or even six mature plants grown hydroponically and efficiently in a smaller grow equipment space that bloom earlier? Which marijuana grow kit works for that indoor growing system? In that instance, we can use a LightRail 3.5 IntelliDrive Kit or a LightRail 4.0 AdjustaDrive Kit. Or, we can use just half of our LightRail 4.20 AdjustaDrive Kit with one indoor grow light moving along the 6’6″ (2-meter) light mover rail.

There is serious grow equipment flexibility there for our grow light systems

In other words, LightRail 4.20 can be used for either size of plants, growth or bloom. And, it can expand out to cover any plants in flower or a combination of the two if we need that extra space. So, there is serious grow equipment flexibility there for our grow light systems. And for more of a side to side configuration for your marijuana grow equipment, we can run two LightRail 3.5 Kits parallel to each other. Or, we can run two LightRail 4.0 Kits parallel to each other. That gives us a length of 6’6” (2 meters) and a width of maybe 8’, depending on the coverage of our grow light systems. So, marijuana growing equipment with LightRail light movers in conjunction with 6 plants is a logical match. And, this combination makes for a complete marijuana grow kit for our indoor grow lighting.

Grow light systems absolutely need to move

Marijuana grow equipment is easy to plan out when we think of your indoor grow lights as indoor grow kits. In other words, the grow lighting should be complete with LightRail light movers. Grow light systems absolutely need to move. The best indoor marijuana growing systems become supercharged when they do move on a light mover rail.  A light mover lets us grow better as it allows the correct intensity of indoor grow light to reach all the leaves of our 6 plant configuration. And, that’s the most important ingredient to increased yield with any marijuana grow kit.

LightRail light movers will move any indoor grow light

As much as fifty percent of stationary light is wasted so for our indoor marijuana growing system, simply adding more stationary indoor grow lights isn’t going to get us the yield we want. It simply won’t help our grow light systems get a better indoor grow light to our plants. A light mover rail, however,  will get us there and it’s the indoor growing system change grow light setups need. For our marijuana growing equipment, LightRail light movers will move any indoor grow light. And, all indoor grow lights should move. Light=Yield and moving our indoor plant light as part of our marijuana grow equipment is the only way to get maximum yield out of our grow light system for marijuana.