Hey, here’s some good news. We get to pick. Do we want awesome grow rooms or do we want average? When a grow room setup is a binary choice of excellent compared to average, of course we all pick the grow room setup that is outstanding. But in contrast and just looking at real life, too many of us aim for average for our grow equipment and for our grow room setup. Why is that and how do we know we’re settling?

Awesome grow rooms vs average grow rooms

Awesome grow rooms don’t happen by accident. There is careful grow room design involved and quality growing equipment products used.

Averageness is too a word

First, awesome grow rooms don’t happen by accident and there is definitely some grow room design required. Grow light knowledge of the grow light numbers and stats is also important. So, right there we are going to lose some growers. These growers might be thinking this:  Throw up the indoor grow lights, toss in the plants and done. Ok and good luck with that, but remember this. With our indoor grow equipment, it’s a choice of awesome grow rooms or average grow room setups. And, the average grower running the average grow room setup will likely think everything is just fine. Or, he’ll think everything is good enough. He’ll say things like “I get the same yield as everyone else”. That one sentence, by the way, is a major clue for averageness.

Awesome grow rooms are all about the s-word

So, we are not that guy, obviously. And, grow room design matters to us as does the quality of the growing equipment including the grow light system. We care about all of the details because in those indoor grow room details, we get to have success. Awesome grow rooms are all about success. And, that’s with outcomes that are predictable and capable of being fine-tuned. So all aspects of the grow equipment count. And, that includes the temperature, humidity, nutrient levels, and most importantly, the grow light systems. Our grow light systems are not something to just randomly choose and then randomly place. Again, we need to have a grow room design for our indoor grow room setup that maximizes everything. Obviously true, so it’s really just a matter of doing it.

Quality matters and brand matters

Specifically for the indoor grow lights of our grow light system, we need to know the quality of those grow lamps. Basic wattage of our indoor plant light needs to be high enough for what we are growing. And,  the ppfd of our indoor plant light needs to match what we’re growing. Also,  brands matter and it’s a way to have trust in what we are getting for our grow light systems. Good brands are reputation driven, so we need to pay attention to that. Note: The page photo shows multiple  LightRail 3.5 Kits.

Maximizing the grow light system is the #1 priority

In addition, grow light systems should move on grow light movers to get the most out of them.  It’s a way to get closer to the canopy without the burn and to get up to 3,000 PAR right to that canopy with an amazingly even ppfd. Awesome grow rooms go those extra steps of fine tuning to maximize the results. Grow light movers also  expose more leaf area to the grow lights so we then have more of those leaves now working towards faster growth. Then, when it’s time for the bloom phase to occur, those same leaves are now working towards increased yield. You can’t touch that for maximized results. A quality indoor grow light on a grow light mover is the biggest winning combination that we can have. In other words, that’s all happening in the very area that counts the most for yield numbers, the grow light system. Hey, it’s part of the awesomeness.

Never skimp, ever

One last difference to mention between awesome grow rooms versus average grow rooms is this. Skimping never happens in an awesome grow room.  Basic rules of decent wattage per square foot, quality high output grow lights and overall dependable growing equipment; these things are found in all areas of these indoor growing systems.  These details and more are simply found in every level of each indoor grow room setup. The awesome grow rooms look like that, absolutely. They look exactly like that.

Awesome grow rooms come from awesome growers

Awesome grow rooms versus average grow rooms; it’s really a comparison in how good growers do this compared to everyone else. No, they probably didn’t start out being as majorly smart as they are now, nor were they always making perfect decisions. But, what sets these growers apart is they cared to learn and they cared to improve. And, they instinctively know to do this – present tense because it’s ongoing. They also know that results will always matter. So, these particular growers stand out as being results driven while being focused on all the important grow equipment details. And, that’s really at the heart of what sets these grow rooms apart.

Photo courtesy of Botany Unlimited Design Systems