How to keep the grow tent heat off the top means we use LightRail light movers.

Let’s face it. Grow tents are limited in vertical grow system space. So, before we know it, the plants are getting way too close to the grow light. That’s noticeably true of stationary grow light systems that beat down on one canopy spot, relentlessly. So, how to keep the grow tent heat off the top matters. And, whether we have a small grow tent, maybe a 4×4 grow tent, or whether we have a grow tent with more horizontal room, we’ll absolutely have these vertical grow system challenges. But, there is one major grow equipment tweak we can do. No matter the grow light used, and no matter the grow light intensity or ppfd. And, this brilliant solution is the easiest answer for how to get the heat out of a grow tent. It works for any sized grow tent. And, it specifically solves the universal problem of how to get the heat off the canopy caused by the vertical limitations of the grow tent.

LightRail light movers solve those vertical grow system limitations

LightRail light movers are the single best answer to this dilemma. They are the solution to how to keep the grow tent heat off the top. For how to get the grow light heat off the plant canopy, this is how this grow tent detail works in this small version of a grow room design. And, that grow tent version of the grow room design is very much including those vertical grow system height limitations.

Get the heat out of the grow tent

When we move our grow room lights in a grow tent, we get rid of the hot spot. Boom. Just like that. Even in a small grow tent as in a 4×4 grow tent, we can do this. With a  LightRail 3.5 Kit or a  LightRail 4.0 Kit, we can use just a half of a rail at one meter (3’3”). So, we can move our grow lamp just a few feet or so, and that makes a huge difference. That is absolutely how to keep the grow tent heat off the top of our canopy.

How to get rid of grow tent heat includes imitating nature

A moving grow light system, because the intense light over-kill is now dissipated over a larger area, allows our indoor plant light to do this. The indoor plant light can now get much closer without the hot spot and conversely, without the shadow patterns. And, that latter part is an extra bonus benefit. That’s because we now have  more of the leaves getting quality grow lamp interaction. Plus,  that grow lamp interaction in our small grow tent is just the right amount of time per leaf area. That means the leaf receptors actually open more to receive that indoor plant light. And, that means growth rate is faster and yield numbers go up.

A closer grow light in our small grow tent and without the hot spot

How to keep the grow tent heat off the top by moving our grow light system affects our vertical grow system challenges this way. When our grow light is moving on a LightRail light mover, we can now have the distance from the grow light to the canopy much closer. In other words, we no longer have the intense spotlight of grow light harm in one never changing area.  See how this works for a ppfd comparison, LightRail versus a stationary grow light. Instead, the grow light is now dispersed along the canopy. That also means the grow tent heat and intensity, the kind of grow light harm that can bleach or wilt, is diffused. So, for the vertical grow system limitations of the grow tent, which also include the small grow tent and the 4×4 grow tent, we can do the following.

How to keep the grow tent heat off the top of the plant canopy has to include using LightRail light movers

We can move the grow light in our grow tent on a LightRail light mover. And, with that one simple grow equipment change, we have this. We have now gotten rid of the vertical grow system space limitations. There is no simpler, more effective solution for how to keep the grow tent heat off the top of the plant canopy.