What do you call a one or two light, indoor grow setup? If you know what you’re doing, you can call it a craft grow light system. And, it doesn’t matter what you’re growing because there is craft potential in all of us. The craft movement runs the gamut from Botany Unlimited’s Craft Series indoor grow setups to Bowery Farms customized kale. It’s everything and everywhere, and staying small with a single grow light or two might be just right.

With the craft grow light system. we aim high even when we're small, and Lightrail light movers help us to fine tune.

So, how do we maximize our craft grow light system to make it better? We can actually do this best with a LightRail light mover.


We aim high even when we’re small

Space often dictates grow room design. Or, it dictates a grow room design starting point. So, for that in mind for our indoor grow setup, we would want to live up to the craft name. In other words, we aim high even when we’re small. So, how do we maximize our craft grow light system to make it better? We can actually do this best with a LightRail light mover. And, that’s because light equals yield and light equals quality. So, we can use a  LightRail 4.20 Kit to perfectly move two grow lights in-line along 13 feet of rail.. Or, we can use two  LightRail 3.5 Kits parallel to each other for a different configuration. In the craft world, both indoor grow system variables of yield and quality matter. So, for the craft grow light system, we want more and we want better from our grow room setup. And, here is how we do that.

A grow tent with a craft grow light system

When we move a single indoor grow light or two, we can get so much more out of that indoor plant light. First, we can get much closer without any grow light heat damage. And, often that is a major obstacle to overcome. As one example, we are forced to be close in the indoor grow tent setting. But, here is some good news about that grow light to canopy closer distance.

Closer and better indoor grow light quality

The closer the grow lamp, the more energy the plants can realize. Grow light companies don’t stress this because they typically think in terms of stationary grow lights and stationary grow light rules. Those indoor grow setup dictates include multiple feet for grow light vertical spacing. The problem with that is we lose important grow light quality numbers with any kind of distance. We actually lose 50% of our grow light output at 5 feet distance. But, conversely,  a grow light moving just above the canopy gives the plants what they need. And, because it’s a moving grow light on a grow light mover, we reach many more mid and lower leaves. That’s at just the right amount of time per leaf surface for that grow light interaction, which is the second benefit to our indoor grow system.

A two-part effect that is brilliant for results

We get a much closer, more powerful indoor plant light that is not even capable of burning the canopy because it’s moving. And, we get that powerful grow light interaction intermittently, so each leaf surface receives equal indoor plant light time. Just like in nature. That’s a two-part effect that is brilliant for the results of faster growth, better yields and craft quality. It gets to the very point of supercharging the craft grow light system.

We mimic the sun and we cover 30% more area

There is a third benefit to using LightRail light movers with the craft grow light system; efficiency of the area covered. Yes, we can already see that we are covering more interior plant area simply by moving our indoor grow light. It’s that strong and sometimes angled grow light interaction that gives us craft-like outcomes for growth rates, even canopy, yield quantity as well as quality. But, in addition to that interior coverage throughout the plant leaf surfaces, as we mimic the sun, we also see this. We can now get about 30% more horizontal area covered. So, a grow light that typically covers a 4×4 can now cover a 4×6, as one example. That’s significant for our indoor grow systems.

Grow light quality is the key to perfect, stunning results

Ambition absolutely kicks in at the craft level of operation. To understand this, a craft grow comes about through trial, procedural shifts and then aiming for perfection. And, the simple addition of using a LightRail grow light mover can give us major advantages towards growth, yield, and quality of results.  Our light mover turns average indoor plant light into seriously improved indoor plant light. Grow light quality is the key to perfect, stunning results, and that’s every single time. And, the craft movement is all about each of these very important indoor grow room details.

Schematic courtesy of Botany Unlimited Design Systems