We don’t get there on our own and that is why this indoor grow expert shares what he knows about indoor marijuana growing systems. Botany Unlimited’s Mark Gomez, with decades of experience, is very open as to how he works his marijuana grow equipment. He has grown inside and outside, and prefers the grow quality and lightning speed of indoor marijuana growing systems.  Also with each indoor grow, as part of each marijuana growing kit, LightRail light movers move each one of the indoor grow lights for Mark’s indoor marijuana growing systems. This perfected grow equipment has each marijuana growing kit consisting of Botany Unlimited’s HyGroCage and each is scalable. Because of this marijuana grow kit feature, a basement grow room or garage grow room works fine, and that’s any size. Because it’s scalable, the largest grow warehouse will work just as well, too.

That’s right, a super short veg, a 60-day flowering cycle and 3-4 ounces per plant

That’s right, a super short veg in just days, a 60-day flowering cycle and 3-4 ounces per plant. This expert grower just told us what he knows about grow equipment. Shared information is powerful and these marijuana grow equipment details are priceless.

Take a look at this marijuana grow equipment video. Also, check out the photo to see how close each indoor grow light is to the plant surfaces. This marijuana growing kit detail is key in understanding the speed of the marijuana grow equipment production. Also, it’s key in understanding the high yield of each and the quality of that yield.

This equates to closer, better quality indoor grow light interaction for our indoor marijuana growing systems


LightRail light movers with Botany Unlimited’s indoor marijuana growing systems HyGroCage, equals massive results. Closer, better light coverage is only possible when the indoor grow lights are moved on light movers.

Due to each marijuana growing kit having a LightRail light mover; this equates to closer, better quality indoor grow light interaction for all the indoor marijuana growing systems. It also makes for a more useful indoor grow light interaction to more of the plant surfaces and at just the correct amount of time for each of those surfaces. Both of those variables happen exactly at the same time and it makes for some serious grow equipment magic. LightRail light movers as part of the Botany Unlimited HyGroCage makes for a brilliant grow equipment system for any indoor grow. And, each system uses multiple LightRail 3.5 Kits.

In addition, this marijuana growing kit might very well revolutionize the industry. Marijuana grow equipment for the garage grow room, the basement grow room or the grow warehouse all would benefit from these details of excellence. Botany Unlimited and LightRail light movers are part of those details. No, none of us will get there on our own. Indoor marijuana growing systems benefit from shared knowledge. We learn from the grow pros. Then we share what we know.

Photo and links courtesy of Botany Unlimited Design Systems