Sometimes a grower or indoor gardener will do something really creative with their grow lights. And, that’s by creating a single grow light unit. So, for how to work with a large grow light assembly and specifically, how to hang a large grow light assembly on a LightRail light mover, we have to be smart. A large grow light assembly might need to have extra grow light system stability. And, this is especially true as it moves along the grow light mover rail.

First, the question of how to work with a large grow light system assembly needs to be defined. What grow light system is considered large? What type of grow light system unit would need to have extra grow equipment attention? There is no hard and fast rule, but over three feet (1m) or so in any direction is the short answer. So, that larger span would likely need extra consideration as you plan your grow room or greenhouse setup.

LightRail 5.0 for large grow light assembly

How to work with a large grow light assembly includes using LightRail 5.0

LightRail 5.0 and the crossbar

There is a brilliant solution to large spanned grow lights to give that extra grow equipment support needed. And, this will give that large grow light assembly more secure support as it moves along the light mover rail. Using a LightRail 5.0 Kit gives a wider, more stable track. And, it provides a crossbar for attaching the span of the large grow light assembly. Of course, LightRail 5.0 can also be used for individual grow lights to move those grow lights side by side. But, for the single large grow light assembly, there is the extra support variable and the extra stability offered. And, that’s by using the crossbar.

Perfect grow light system balance is the key to even tracking

A very important take away about the LightRail 5.0 is that perfect balance is the key to even, successful tracking. The light mover rail needs to be perfectly level and straight. And, the weight of the large grow light assembly needs to be perfectly balanced on the crossbar. If individual grow lights are mounted on the crossbar, then they also have to be perfectly balanced and mirrored for weight. An example would be all ballast inclusive Gavita style grow lights would be all ballasts outward. Or, it would be positioned with all ballasts inward. That’s as the weight is evenly mirrored from one side of the large grow light assembly support crossbar to the other. And to note, Gavita grow lights can also be used with LightRail 3.5 or LightRail 4.0 easily enough.

Not for vented grow light reflectors

But, for the LightRail 5.0, we have hanging options. That is no matter if we use a single grow light assembly or we have multiple grow lights per crossbar. There are multiple hanging points available to achieve this grow light system success. Also to mention is LightRail 5.0 is not recommended for vented grow lights that have ductwork. The reason is the ductwork tugs unevenly which causes imbalance.

The crossbar is adjustable at 81 inches, 87 inches and 93 inches

For the span of the LightRail 5.0 crossbar support, that is adjustable. These grow equipment span settings are 81 inches, 87 inches and 93 inches. And, it is not necessary to use the entire length of the crossbar, even at the shortest setting option. You could use the crossbar splint on its own which is the middle connector piece of the crossbar, as one possibility. Or, the outer sections could be cut and modified.

The large grow light assembly and expansion into larger grow room or greenhouse setups

For a larger grow room or greenhouse space, up to three crossbars can move per LightRail 5.0 Motor. The extra crossbars are called LightRail Add A Bar Kits. So, crossbar number one comes in the LightRail 5.0 Kit. And, additional crossbars can be purchased as Add A Bar Kits. The additional crossbars move through a push/pull system. For weight, each Rail section can hold up to 100 lbs if mounted correctly and to solid supports.

Planning a grow room design and factoring in the large grow light assembly is easy to do when you use LightRail 5.0. This grow light mover provides a strong, stable grow light system support. And, it provides the perfect mounting support for expansive grow light assemblies.