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When our indoor grow lights move over the tops of the plants; we can get closer for higher ppfd and we can penetrate to more leaf area, maximizing each grow light on two fronts at once. That’s while eliminating shadow patterns and reducing heat. This double action of closer and to more leaf area is the smartest thing we can do, and LightRail gives us this two-part sun like effect simultaneously.  Conversely, as much as 50% of stationary light is wasted, and simply adding more stationary grow lights cannot duplicate what light movers can do. That’s because light equals yield and LightRail is the only way to supercharge that concept. LightRail light movers also cover about 30% more area, and that’s per grow light. So, we now save 30% in electricity, 30% in up front grow light purchases, 30% in replacement purchases AND we see faster growth and much better yields. Moving our grow lights is a smart business move and the returns are immediate. In a market where energy efficiency is as important as yield, we can have both variables outstanding.

So let’s do the math. If a light mover increases the effectiveness of light that’s only 50% efficient when stationary, and gets those grow lights to perform for maximum effect, while covering 30% more area, that’s significant. For further value, LightRail is quality constructed instrument-grade robotics, solidly made in the USA to perform as an absolute work horse, crop after crop and year after year. We can only get this with LightRail.

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LightRail® Testimonials

“The closer the light source, the more energy you create. Our bulbs are in the canopy, not five feet above. And, we can only do this with LightRail light movers. Our average vegetative growth period takes 5-7 days. Flowering takes about 60 days depending on genetics.
The system was used at BUDS Pasco Farm in over 200 harvests and never failed a quality assurance test for any reason. We run 10 plants per light, in a 35 sq. ft. cell, per 1,000 watt HID lamp, each on its own light mover. Average yields can range from 3 – 5oz depending on genetics. We get six harvests (per rack) per year.”
Mark Gomez of Botany Unlimited Design Systems
“…We noticed a dramatic difference in growth by the next day after we installed Gualala Robotics’ LightRail Light Movers; ….Savage Growth…”
Doug Glander of Shore Grow

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