We’ve all seen the ad copy grow equipment photos. And, that’s the same as the novice indoor growing system photos with each indoor grow light maybe 4 or 5 feet above the plants. Typically, we’ll also see in those same photos multiple, extra indoor grow lights. These grow lamps will appear to be positioned almost touching, end to end. That’s an incredible waste of what should be beneficial grow equipment.  You might occasionally hear a random comment that we should all want the plants to reach for the indoor grow light. Hey, they will reach just fine. We do not need to deprive them of 50% of the power of their grow lamps to achieve that. The exception would be for very young plants or seedlings, of course. But, for the grow lamps of plants that are big and getting bigger, we need to have grow light bravery.

Good growers fire in their indoor grow light

Here is what we know. Good growers fire in their grow light systems to get maximum use of their wattage and ppfd.  Inverse Square Law is the reason for this. It addresses the diminishing effect that indoor grow light has the farther away it is. So with good grow light systems and an indoor grow light at 18 inches or less from the canopy, that grow lamp is powerful in what it can do for the plant’s health, growth and yield.

For light that is 2-3 feet away, that grow lamp for indoor plants is considerably less maximized. That gives us lower grow light system results. And for light that is as far as 5 feet away, that indoor plant light power is only 50% of what it could be. Again, this is an example of Inverse Square Law in our grow light system.  As part of a marijuana growing kit, we spend so much money. That money goes towards good grow equipment and good indoor grow lights. Why would we then choose to undo the potential of our indoor growing system in such a sabotagy way?

We can get there through the use of light movers

The answer to that question is that stationary grow light systems give us no options. If we lower a stationary grow lamp for indoor plants to get closer for the maximum use of its wattage and ppfd, we then have too much heat.  Or, we have too much directed light overkill and our plants get stressed and fail to thrive. Take a look at this indoor grow light ppfd comparison chart. Stationary lights for indoor growing force us to position our indoor grow lights higher. This gives us reduced quality for our grow lamps and mediocre results. We can do so much better and we can do that through the use of light movers.

The plants now have eliminated hot spots and reduced shadow patterns

A LightRail light mover solves this in a beautifully logical way. By moving our grow light system with a light rail system just above the canopy, we get maximum yield results. That’s because we have now maximized our indoor grow lights. Turning our lights into rail lights is the only way we can achieve this. The best lights for indoor growing become that much better when they are moved on a LightRail light mover. At the same time and as part of this indoor growing system, the plants now have eliminated hot spots.  And, they have reduced shadow patterns. These indoor grow setups now get the correct intensity of grow light to all the leaves for optimum Leaf Area Index (LAI).

These two advantages of closer coverage with the correct intensity of grow light to all the leaves equals magic

These two advantages, closer coverage together with a better quality of grow lamp; combined they make for real magic. Light = Yield so we want the most efficient use of our indoor growing system. Aside from closer and better quality indoor plant light coverage and the associated increase in yield from that, there is a third benefit. Because a grow light mover is efficient, the moving indoor plant light also results in more area covered. That’s about 30% more area for our indoor grow setup and that’s variable dependent. LightRail light movers let us get the best out of our grow light systems. That equates to faster growth and substantially increased yields for our marijuana grow kit and indoor grow setup. So, whether we use LightRail 3.5 Kits, LightRail 4.0 Kits or LightRail 4.20 Kits, we will see these much improved yield numbers.

Header photo courtesy of Botany Unlimited. LightRail light movers used as part of this indoor grow setup allows for the closest plant to grow light system tolerance for grow equipment. That allows for maximum yield in record time for any indoor plant light.