Space Planning for Larger LED Grow Lights (LightRail 3.5, 4.0)

Each Grow Light Moves Independently

RoboBar With Lightrail 3.5 Kit

For Large LED lights, add our RoboBar Accessory with your LightRail 3.5 Kit

This grow room setup is easy to plan in that each grow light is simply paired with a LightRail 3.5 Kit or a LightRail 4.0 Kit .Then, each of the LightRail Kits will be set up using a RoboBar, purchased separately. It’s just that easy. Then, as you plan your space, plan for each LightRail Kit to come with a 6’6″ Rail (2m). Larger LED grow lights, like the 4’x4′ (1.2m sq) sized LED grow lamps, will go past your Rail dimension, and that will happen at both ends of travel. So, with multiple larger LED grow lights in a row, you will want to gap each of your LightRail 3.5 Rails or each of your LightRail 4.0 Rails by about 2-3 feet (.6-1m). That will allow for the extra light to go past the adjustable stopper setting to fill in that gap area from both sides.

This is the LightRail RoboBar for moving larger LED grow lights

The LightRail RoboBar for moving larger LED grow lights.

RoboBar setup: The 40″ (1.1m) RoboBar is only needed for the larger LED grow lights, and it is brilliant in what it delivers. You get a secure, stable glide for any of the larger LED grow lights, and that’s for any brand. Compatible with LightRail 3.5 and LightRail 4.0 exclusively, the RoboBar dimensions are 40″ x 20″ (102cm x 50 cm), so provides triangulated, acute hanging angles for extra smooth travel along the Rail. Perfect support, and perfect evenly distributing Ppfd readings, and easy set up, see RoboBar setup instructions. Note:The RoboBar is not intended to be used with LightRail 5.0 and cannot be used with the Auxiliary Trolley of the Add A Lamp Kit so is not compatible with LightRail 4.20 for that reason.

Travel distance: Moving each indoor grow light about 3′ (1m) along the Rail, Switch Stop stopper to Switch Stop stopper, will light up about 7′ (2.1m) of canopy area if the LED grow light is about 4’x4′ (1.2m sq) in size. Moving each grow light a little farther, at about 4′ (1.2m) along the Rail, Switch Stop stopper to Switch Stop stopper, that will light up to 8′ (2.4m) of canopy area for that same sized LED. For a slightly smaller LED grow light at 3.5′ (1m), there will be slightly smaller coverage results of about 3 inches per end. For 4’x8′ (1.2mx2.4m) grow tables, a centered 6’6″ (2m) Rail is likely just right.

Planning coverage: For larger LED grow lights moved on LightRail light movers, the key to planning out the coverage area is to know that you can set the adjustable Switch Stop stoppers anywhere along the Rail you choose. Then, know that half the LED grow light will go past that stopper setting, and that will happen at each end of travel. So, for the math of a 4’x4′ (1.2m sq) sized LED grow light , a travel distance of 3′ (1m) along the Rail will look like this. Half the grow light dimension, so 2′ (.6m) as half the light’s dimension, will go past the stopper on one end of travel, and another 2′ (.6m) will go past the stopper on the other end of travel. So, 3′ travel + 2′ past near stopper + 2′ past far stopper = 7′ (2.1m) of coverage. No matter the size of a grow room, this is easy for planning.

Space Planning for Standard Sized Lights (LightRail 3.5, 4.0, 4.20)

For Multiple Grow Lights

For standard sized grow lights, up to 3 grow lights can move inline per LightRail Light Mover Motor using the Add A Lamp Kits, which is a very affordable way to move the second and third indoor grow light. The Add A Lamp Kit works with and includes a push/pull rod (3/8th coarse all-thread; 6’ lengths) and you can move up to three grow lights in total inline, and all off one Motor. Grow light #1 moves under the Motor, positioned on the middle Rail. Grow light #2 and grow light #3 move with the Add A Lamp Kit’s Auxiliary Trolley and move inline and in sync with the Motor’s movement.

For light mover grow equipment savings, it is definitely the affordable way to go and it makes for a very effective grow light system. At 6’6” (2m) as the exact measurement per Rail, you would be at 19’6” (6m) for Rail length per three grow lamps moved.

LightRail Add A Lamp Schematic

LightRail Add A Lamp Schematic.

3 Grow Lights Moved with LightRail Light Mover Motor

Up to 3 grow lights moved per Motor.

You can go end to end and row after row to fill up any grow room or greenhouse space. For videos on how to set up three grow lights in a row with the Motor in the middle and Add A Lamp Kits on each end, check out this video. For quirks/differences in some of the videos, you’ll see we are using half Rails in some of the videos with 3’ gaps (“gap plants” get plenty of light from both sides) and you’ll also see we are using the Strut Channel Compatible Rail which is a little different and attaches to Unistrut.

It is an available option. If those custom Rails are a better choice for your space, then your Motors would be purchased separately as would your Add A Lamp components, without the Rail included

For custom grow room space planning, email to receive a custom schematic made specifically for your setup along with options, and a quote.

The LightRail Choices are:

LightRail 3.5 IntelliDrive Kit or LightRail 4.0 AdjustaDrive Kit

For single LightRail Kit spaces, one of these light mover systems is all you will need, and for large spaces, you’d have an Add A Lamp Kit Extreme Duty Version paired with and that is for two grow lights moved, or on each end for three grow lights moved. The LightRail 4.20 Kit includes one Add A Lamp Kit Extreme Duty Version so it is set to move two indoor grow lights inline. For the difference, LightRail 3.5 has a set speed of 4 feet per minute and LightRail 4.0 or LightRail 4.20 has an adjustable speed of 2-4 feet per minute. It is a personal preference thing with no wrong answer.

Note: LightRail 3.5 works with 110 volts exclusively so is compatible with the electrical in the US, Canada and Mexico, and should never be plugged into 220 volts. LightRail 4.0 and LightRail 4.20 have an adaptable transformer power supply that works with 100v-240v, so works in all countries.

LightRail 3.5 is the biggest selling light mover in the US, costs a little less, and does what most people need or want, and it is a real workhorse. All LightRail choices are quality Made-in-the-USA products. For more information about the Extreme Duty Trolley Wheels, they are preinstalled on all LightRail 3.5, 4.0 and 4.20 Kits now as a standard feature. All the above links have those upgraded wheels preinstalled, so they will come with and at a discounted rate.

Note: All LightRail grow light movers have adjustable travel distance in that you set the Switch Stop stoppers wherever you like along the Rail, and all LightRail products have the 0-60 second time delay for the ends of the run. This helps even out the “light time” for all the plants and without this feature, the grow light would spend most of its time somewhere along the middle of the Rail.

Suggested travel distance? About 3’-4’ (1m) Switch Stop to Switch Stop. This will likely light up the 6’6” (2m) Rail length nicely, as half the light from your lamp goes beyond that stopper setting and this happens at both ends of the lamp’s travel, with grow light pattern coverage going even farther.

Suggested time delay setting? At 3’-4’ (1m) of travel, a time delay setting of about 20-30 seconds might be just right. You can then see over time if any adjustments are needed.

Turning a Grow Light Sideways

LightRail light mover RoboStik for wider coverage

LightRail light mover RoboStik turns our grow lamps 90 degrees for a wider grow lamp pattern.

RoboStik Upside Down as Vertical Space Saver

Another accessory to mention is the 24” (.66m) RoboStiks which allow you to turn your grow lights 90 degrees from the direction of travel. For rectangular lights, this gives a wider grow light pattern. For a challenged vertical space, such as a grow tent, the RoboStik can be turned upside down and used with triangle grow light hangers or the like, and used as a vertical space-saving option.

Note: A RoboStik attached to an Add A Lamp Kit will need the additional small part item Add A Lamp to RoboStik Hardware .

The Half Rail Option for Tighter Spaces

Sometimes space is too limited for having a 6’6” (2m) Rail for each grow light, so using half Rails might be the thing to do. One single 3’3” half Rail can be used in a 4×4 grow tent, as one example. Or two indoor grow lights can move in a 9’-10’ (3m) space by using a 3’3” Rail half then about a 3’ gap then the next 3’3” Rail half. The “gap plants” get plenty of light from both sides. How this works is you set the adjustable Switch Stop stoppers on the 3’3” Rail half wherever you like and at each stop, half the grow light goes beyond that stopper setting, with grow light coverage going even farther. And this happens at both ends of travel. For the “gap plants”, they get that extra light from both sides. Using half Rails with gaps is a way you can use the Add A Lamp Kits, as well. In that case, all the Rail halves needed will come from the Add A Lamp Kits (two 3’3” Rail halves included in each), so Motors can be purchased on their own to match with those extra Rail halves. As another option, the Rails are made of extruded aluminum so are easy to cut for a more exact fit.

Rail Choices – Standard or Strut Channel Compatible

The LightRail 3.5, LightRail 4.0 and LightRail 4.20 Kits all come with the flat-top standard Rail. See how to mount a flat-top standard Rail. Also available, as a custom option, are the 6’6” (2m) Strut Channel Compatible Rail and those attach to Unistrut. They come with two fasteners to attach to strut channel (Unistrut) but as an option, the blue connector piece of each fastener can be removed and they can then attach up to a greenhouse’s support structure, possibly with a longer bolt than provided.

The Greenhouse Setting and/or for Longer Grow Light Runs (UVB Grow lights / UVC Grow Lights)

The greenhouse with natural plant light available can have longer grow light runs. There are two Greenhouse Packages available, LightRail 3.5 Extreme Duty Greenhouse Package and LightRail 4.0 Extreme Duty Greenhouse Package, and both have 13’ (4m) of rail for that extra-long run. A longer run can also be achieved with the standard Rail where Rail after Rail can be “pinned” using Rail Alignment Pins and pinning makes travel across the seams possible. This is a beneficial setup for UV grow lights, UVB grow lights or UVC grow lights that can run farther for a quick and glancing effect. Longer runs might require Auxiliary Trolleys to be used for cord management with those longer runs.

Gavita Grow Lights with LightRail

Gavita grow lights are improved when they are positioned closer and moved on a LightRail grow light mover, and that is so much better than being positioned up high like some version of a streetlight. Good grow lights need to perform and not be “undone” with distance.

LED Grow Lights with LightRail

LED grow lights are efficiently maximized when they are moved and that is because these grow lights are very intense and directional. LightRail light movers diffuse that intensity and get better grow light numbers to more leaf area.

Double Ended Grow Lights / DE Grow Lights

Powerful indoor grow lights need to move and double-ended grow lights are especially effective in that scenario. And this ppfd chart shows specifically what a 1,000 watt DE grow light is capable of.

Space Planning (LightRail 5.0)

LightRail 5.0 with grow racks

LightRail 5.0 crossbar can be inverted to angle up for outer grow lights, or to angle down.

LightRail 5.0 Side by Side is a completely different LightRail grow light system and uses a different wideness and length of Rail and a unique Motor, so it is NOT compatible for parts with LightRail 3.4, 4.0, or 4.20. The LightRail 5.0 Kit comes with a Motor and two 4’ Rail sections that can slide together for a longer run as could happen in a greenhouse with natural light present or with low light plants. It also comes with one crossbar that is adjustable for wingspan at 81”, 87” or 93”, and typically two grow lights would hang on that crossbar for a side by side movement, although three smaller grow lamps would also work. Note: Perfect balance is key for the crossbar to track evenly, so weight needs to be balanced. For grow lights that include the ballasts, both ends of the crossbar needs to have the grow light’s heavy side outward or the heavy side inward, so the grow lights mirror each other on that crossbar. This way the weight is balanced. Vented grow light systems are not recommended with LightRail 5.0 because the ductwork would likely tug sporadically causing the crossbar to track unevenly. Fans pointed at the crossbar might also cause uneven tracking if grow lights are lighter in weight and are catching the moving air like a kite, so this can also be problematic. The last point to be mindful of is the adjustable crossbar’s wingspan might not be right for everyone’s space. So, if any of the above might be an issue, it is recommended to use two parallel lines of moving grow lights using LightRail 3.5 or LightRail 4.0 with the farther above space planning recommendations that go with.