Inverse Square Law and LightRail light movers

When we move our indoor grow lights on LightRail light movers, we can tame inverse square law by getting a better quality grow lamp closer to the plants and at just the correct intermittent intensity (LAI) to more of the plant surfaces.

This is so simple and at the same time, so brilliant, but first we have to cover the bad news: Inverse Square Law works against every grower out there who does not move their indoor grow lights. Without exception, these growers are impacted negatively by this pesky “light with math” constant, Inverse Square Law. Here is their sad grow lamp conundrum. They want to get maximum output from their indoor grow lights. And, they have spent very good money on these grow light systems. So, these growers are forced to position these same best indoor grow lights that money can buy way too high.

And the reason for this madness? If they get their grow lighting any closer to the plant canopy and no matter the grow equipment details, those plants suffer with hot spots and light overkill. Take a look at this grow light ppfd chart comparison to understand the reason for this. It’s a serious grow equipment stress factor for plants and they will fail to thrive. These same growers have only one solution if their grow lamps are going to remain stationary. That is to position the grow lamps higher. By doing this with their indoor growing equipment, their plants get less quality indoor grow light. As we all know, less indoor grow light = slower growth and smaller yields.

Indoor grow light that is positioned five feet above the plant canopy is 50% less powerful at that height

Inverse Square Law basically states that the farther away an indoor grow light source is, the less effect it has on an object, and this formula is geometrical in its diminishing effect. As an example, a quality indoor grow light that is positioned five feet above the plant canopy is 50% less powerful at that height. In other words, these growers pay a lot of money for good indoor grow lights. Then they undue the grow lamp benefits simply because they are limited by stationary grow lamp rules.

Even at 2’ or 3’ above the plant canopy, these indoor grow lamps are not good enough. They are simply not living up to their full potential. Inverse Square Law can work against us if we let it, but we don’t have to be slaves to stationary anymore.  When it comes to our indoor grow equipment, knowledge is power. We can grow smarter than this with rail lights.

LightRail light movers are the way to get Inverse Square Law to work for us

LightRail light movers are the way to get Inverse Square Law to work for us, not against us. Got a powerful grow lamp? Bring it, but definitely get that grow light system moving. When our indoor grow lights are moving on LightRail light movers, we can get closer to the canopy. That gives us maximum PAR, the most even ppfd readings and maximum results. Moving our grow light system along a light mover rail as rail lights will eliminate hot spots. It also gets rid of the associated stress to the plants. And, this is thew case whether we have LightRail 3.5 Kits, LightRail 4.0 Kits or LightRail 4.20 Kits.

Powerful, intermittent light makes for the best grow light to unleash the power in our grow light systems

Powerful, intermittent light as is provided by a grow lamp on a LightRail light mover is the single most important thing we can do to unleash the power in our grow light systems. We can now drop them closer for a better quality grow lighting. For a secondary benefit, this better grow lighting will now be making contact with more of the leaves. Shadow patterns will be reduced with more of the plant’s leaves interacting with this now closer, better grow light system and this leaf interaction will now be at the correct period of time for maximum Leaf Area Index (LAI).

That’s just like in nature

Green leaf photosynthesis does best when the grow light system is strong but intermittent on each surface. That’s just like in nature. And, this double benefit is only possible with grow lighting moving on light movers as rail lights.  This is seriously smart. Good growers move their grow light systems as rail lights on light movers and because they do, they have effectively overcome a scientific principle that’s been talked about since the time of Isaac Newton. Very simply, these growers have gotten Inverse Square Law to work for them. With their faster growth rate and increased yield numbers, these growers rule. That simple grow equipment change of going from stationary grow light systems to grow lamps moving on light movers is how these growers have brilliantly tamed Inverse Square Law.