That title should get our attention for a couple of reasons. Light mover double ended grow lights are two powerhouse concepts. So, let’s see what effect this might have on our grow rooms. What happens to the double-ended grow lights when we move them into our indoor grow room setup? And, does this affect the indoor plant lights for the better?

This grow light system is a favorite

Are double ended grow lights better? They give us amazing yield results, especially when they move on grow light movers.

Are double ended grow lights better? They are absolutely better than regular HPS indoor grow lights. And, they are better still when they are moved on grow light movers.

Light mover double ended grow lights are actually a smart combination for our grow light systems.  And, here is the reason this grow equipment combo works so well. First, the double-ended grow light, or the DE grow light, absolutely performs. It’s a favorite, and part of that reason is the double ended grow lights are efficient for electrical input while being maximized and powerful for indoor grow light output. Also, the DE grow light gives a purer light so we get a better spectrum revealed. Again, the double-ended grow light is a favorite and for good reason.

Sun-like is mo betta

What happens when we plan the grow room out to have a powerfully efficient grow light system moving along a light mover rail? The grow room design answer is this. We get all the beauty of the DE grow lamp reaching more leaf surfaces and at just a perfect amount of time per leaf area. Light mover double ended grow lights are very sun-like that way. And, these indoor plant lights that move actually encourage the leaf receptors to open more. It’s a bit of a tease as the indoor grow light moves along, with the leaf surface receptors chasing that strong but intermittent grow light.  We don’t move the indoor grow light very far, maybe just about a meter (3’3”), give or take.

Plasma grow lights, LED grow lights, LEC grow lights, metal halide grow lights and high-pressure sodium grow lights are similar this way

There is another advantage to mention for the light mover double ended grow lights on grow light movers. And, this advantage is similar to any of the powerful plasma grow lights, good LED grow lights, LEC grow lights and any of the better 1,000 watt or equivalent grow light systems. Also, it includes those stronger metal halide grow lights and the stronger high-pressure sodium grow lights.

Here is the similarity and here is the effect. For any of the more powerful grow lights, which the DE grow light is one of the best examples of, we have this. When we move the indoor plant lights, we get rid of the hot spot. At the same time as we get rid of the intensity of the hot spot on the canopy, we also reduce the shadows.  When we do that in our indoor grow room, we get huge benefits in growth rates and yield numbers.

Grow light ppfd and spectrum numbers supercharged

Light mover double ended grow lights also allow us to get the indoor plant lights to be positioned closer. When our indoor grow lights are closer, we get maximum PAR and ppfd right to the leaf surfaces. And, that also means maximum grow light spectrum interaction.  It’s a way to supercharge our grow light systems to their best potential.

Light mover double ended grow lights equal grow room efficiency

The last advantage to mention for DE grow lights on grow light movers is this. Double ended grow lights are already efficient with electrical draws compared to output. And the grow light movers are efficient on two fronts. A LightRail light mover uses only about 5 watts, as is the case with  LightRail 3.5 Kits. And, it’s only 9 watts with  LightRail 4.0 Kits. At the same time, the LightRail light mover allows us to cover about 30% more area, per grow light. Again, we have major efficiency for the grow light system of our grow room design. So, these are two efficient indoor grow systems combined to give us maximum efficiency for our grow light set up.

Light mover double ended grow lights give us major advantages.  That combination of grow equipment quality together with robotic lights technology gives us outstanding results. And, those indoor grow system results include faster growth rates and maximum yield.