Grow light height in a grow tent is a challenge in that the grow tent has specific vertical height limitations. Then, the grow light takes up precious room and the plants, over time, grow dangerously close to that grow light. So, every bit of savings in grow tent vertical space will count, and efficiency of that grow space matters. To answer these challenges are three brilliant solutions, one in LightRail light mover robotic function, one in overall grow tent design and one as a smart accessory product to LightRail light movers.

LightRail Grow Tents – Unique, patent pending design

The first way to maximize grow light height in a grow tent is to use a grow tent that optimizes height capabilities. Gualala Robotics has designed the LightRail Grow Tents to do just that. This unique, patent pending design includes a LightRail light mover travel compartment. So, the LightRail light mover does not take up any premium vertical grow tent space. Instead, it moves in its own raised 7 inch travel compartment on the Rail section that comes with. You simply match your LightRail Grow Tent to your LightRail 3.5 IntelliDrive Motor or your LightRail 4.0 AdjustaDrive Motor.

Allows for up to three grow lights to move….each in its own grow tent environment

In addition, LightRail Grow Tents have a unique Extension Rod pass-through in the LightRail travel compartment. And, that is for the use of Add A Lamp Kits for easy expansion. This allows for the addition of a moving grow light in the adjacent grow tents. And, that is up to three LightRail Grow Tents in-line, with all three grow lights moving from the power of one LightRail Motor. In other words, there can be up to three individual grow tent environments at differing stages of growth. And, all three grow lights would be moved with one robotic light mover. Of course, using a grow light mover has huge advantages on its own for the vertical height constraints of any grow tent. But, this specific grow tent design is perfect as plants get taller and as the canopy gets nearer to the grow light.

No grow light stress and no grow light heat

By using a LightRail light mover, the grow light is moving along the light mover rail. Because the indoor grow light is moving, the grow light intensity is dispersed evenly over the canopy. This grow light system detail gets rid of the hot spots and zoned light overkill. And, because the grow light is moving, it reduces shadow patterns. A quality grow light on a grow light mover is measurable for effect. The results are much faster growth and improved yield. When plants are not stressed but instead, when they receive optimum grow light numbers and ppfd, results improve significantly.

LightRail RoboStik turns grow light sideways

RoboStik used inverted to create a shorter distance between LightRail Motor and grow light.

For how to maximize grow light height in a grow tent, another way to do this is to reduce the space between the grow light mover and the grow light. This can be done with a LightRail light mover RoboStik. The RoboStik is typically used to simply turn a rectangular grow light perpendicular to the

direction of travel. This provides a wider light pattern on the canopy as the grow light moves along the light mover rail. As a clever hack, the RoboStik can be inverted. In other words, it can be flipped upside down to get a tighter distance between grow light mover and grow light. You simply use the grow light hangers that come with most horizontal reflectors and attach as shown.

Maximizing grow light height in a grow tent

Maximizing grow light height in a grow tent is important for keeping optimum leaf area index on all the plant surfaces. And, it’s important for promoting an even plant canopy. The single best way to do this is by using a LightRail light mover. Then, using the LightRail Grow Tents is the best way to maximize the LightRail light mover as it travels in its own elevated travel compartment. And finally, using the LightRail RoboStik as a way to turn the grow light for wider coverage and gain extra inches is smart. The best grow results come from optimized grow light systems, and LightRail offers a layered way to do just that.  That’s all with smart robotics. You can only get this with LightRail.