According to Seedstock, indoor garden future projections are expected to grow by more than 27 billion by 2020. That’s globally. And beyond that, the indoor garden future projections might likely grow at an even faster pace. Entire sections of produce and other indoor grow system products will largely be sourced locally. And, that might come from the indoor grow room setup or from the indoor greenhouse. This can be seen in the form of urban agriculture as well as the boutique farms. In addition, these indoor grow systems are being perfected and made more efficient. Here are some of the grow equipment areas that are seeing these changes.

Starter Plants for home growing use

Indoor garden future projections are expected to grow by more than 27 billion by 2020. And grow room robotics and automation will absolutely be in the mix.

Grow equipment automation, grow equipment robotics

First, there is an increase in general automation for the grow room setup and indoor greenhouse. That grow equipment automation includes the hydroponic grow kit setup and the automated nutrient feeds. It also includes humidity controls and robotic indoor plant lights as part of the overall grow room kit. LightRail light movers including  LightRail 3.5LightRail 4.0 and  LightRail 4.20 play a role. The grow room design or indoor greenhouse design has much more automation than even just a decade ago. And as we look at overall indoor garden future projections, that automation and robotic trend will continue.

Smarter grow lights

Another area that we see change and improvement is in the quality of the grow light systems. There are new and better indoor plant grow lights that are now available for our indoor grow systems. It used to be just simple versions of high-pressure sodium grow lights and metal halide grow lights as available options. Now for our indoor plant lights, we have multiple choices. We have double ended grow lights, known as DE grow lights. And, we have powerful plasma grow lights and we now have the best LED grow lights compared to what was available in the past. Plus, we now have LEC grow lights and all of these are much more efficient for electrical usage. And while ecological and efficient, these grow light systems absolutely deliver with quality grow light output.

Unusual grow room design including vertical growing systems

The last areas for indoor garden future projections and changes for the better are these. The overall grow room design and the indoor grow room setup is becoming more efficient and that includes the indoor greenhouse. We now have vertical growing systems with the vertical grow lights moving down the aisle ways on grow light movers. This vertical grow would likely include a hydroponic indoor grow system. And for the indoor greenhouse with grow lights, this grow room design would likely be an all-season greenhouse. And the same can be said for the indoor grow room setup of a shipping container grow room.

Small grow tents for this and that

Even on a smaller scale as we look at indoor garden future projections; we see evidence of change.  It is now more common to see a small grow tent being used to grow tomatoes in someone’s home. That small grow tent can be a perfect climate controlled environment to keep each grow equipment crop separated from each of the others. And, that indoor grow system separation can be by grow light wattage and spectrum needs, or by watering needs. The small grow tent is perfect for that kind of control.

Indoor garden future projections

Indoor garden future projections include plenty of changes for the better for our grow room setup including the indoor greenhouse. Both environments are seeing improved product quality and more automation, and that includes robotics. The future is now and these are exciting times for the modern indoor garden. And, we can see these indoor grow system improvements in our urban agriculture setups, our boutique farms, as well as the many individual indoor garden grows.