If we move our indoor grow lights along a light mover Rail, we see results.  We then benefit from faster plant growth and substantially increased yield. It’s a two-part grow equipment effect that happens exactly at the same time. We get closer coverage for getting the most powerful grow lamp to the plants (Inverse Square Law). Also when we move our indoor grow lights, this allows for more of that better quality, intense grow lamp to now get to more of the plant surfaces Leaf Area Index, and that’s at the optimum level that plants can use.

When we move indoor grow lights as part of the light rail system, we mimic nature because the natural light comes at angles. That angled light is strong but intermittent. Light movers eliminate the hot spots and greatly reduce the shadow patterns of our grow light systems. This way, more of the plant surfaces are finally working for the plant at an optimum level. Maximum yield can only take place when light is maximized as rail lights.

Say we want the above benefits of the light mover rail. What if we also want more customization in our grow light system?

LightRail light mover rail gets the light coming in closer for maximum benefits. Hot spots are eliminated, shadows are reduced; better grow lamp coverage to more of the leaves for optimized grow light systems.

LightRail light movers with each grow light moved with a half light mover rail. Grow equipment gets maximum results when indoor grow lights are moved on a light mover.

The LightRail light mover Rail is 2 meters (6’6”) long. What if that is too long for our indoor grow light systems? What if we see the long light mover Rail as cumbersome for our light mover light rail system? Instead, we might want more freedom and customization for our grow light system.

There is a brilliant solution and it involves our using half the length light mover Rails at 1 meter each. That 1 meter Rail (3’3″) is found in pairs in LightRail 3.5 Kits and LightRail 4.0 Kits. In the case of full length, single piece light mover Rails, they are extruded aluminum. This makes them very easy to cut either in half or to exact measurements.

An example of using half Rails

Taking a look at the Botany Unlimited Design System photo. And, here is a video link to show how this works:

We can see that each grow lamp is moving on a half the length light mover Rail. That is perfect. Typically you don’t want to move an indoor grow light any farther than about 3’. Maybe less, and that is in terms of planning Switch Stop to Switch Stop. That’s with half the indoor grow light going beyond that stopper setting. And, that’s for both ends of the rail light run. For an average sized indoor grow light, that means the following. About 1 ½’ of the light will go beyond the stopper on each end of the light rail system run. So, that equals approximately 6’ of area covered with grow light.

We don’t even need the full light mover Rail but it comes the way it does so that we have options

So, we don’t even need the full light mover Rail but it comes the way it does so that we have options. We can move our grow light system a little farther if we want to for seedlings or plants that don’t need as much grow light, as two examples. There are rail light options there, but our using a half Rail is another option as we move our grow lamps. It makes your grow equipment setup very simple for most of us.

Other benefits of using a half Rail are in the instances that we use a suspended light mover Rail. Examples are a grow tent or greenhouse using Rail Hanger Brackets. And, sometimes these are small grow tents that can only fit a 3’3″ Rail half. For larger greenhouse or grow tent spaces and if we used a full 2-piece Rail for this, we’d want to make a small splint where the two Rail halves join. We have extra strength this way for that suspended Rail, but when using just a Rail half, no splint is needed.

Hint: Use any left over half Rails to pair with LightRail Motors to make extra LightRail systems

Another benefit is in having extra Rail halves left over. Any extra light mover Rail halves can be paired with a LightRail 3.5 Motor or a LightRail 4.0 Motor. We then have another whole and complete light mover grow light system.

When we move our indoor grow light system, that benefits our grow equipment. Now we can make our grow light systems even more versatile to suit our very specific light mover needs by using half Rails instead of full Rails as one very smart grow equipment hack. The light rail system absolutely changes our grow light systems results for the better in a brilliant way. We can adapt and change this light mover grow lamp system to suit our very specific grow equipment setups.

Photos courtesy of Botany Unlimited Design Systems