What happens to our grow light spectrum numbers when we move our indoor grow lights? Are there benefits to our indoor grow systems? And, how can we maximize our grow light spectrum numbers that we have to work with? First, our grow light ppfd and spectrum numbers are hugely important, and this is our starting point for our grow room design. Plus, that grow equipment detail needs to match what is needed for the success of our indoor grow room setup. That’s for both the growth phase and the bloom phase, and it varies depending on what we are growing. So, we have to aim high and look for quality for our indoor grow setup. And, we need to keep those indoor grow room details in mind.

With grow light spectrum, never skimp….ever

In other words, we need the right grow lights with the right grow light spectrum. And to have this, we simply cannot skimp when we look towards purchasing our indoor grow lights.  Quality is always worth it, especially for our grow light system. Light equals yield. So, the grow light system is the most important detail for the indoor grow setup. And, when we get those best grow lights moving on light mover rails, we see this. We have even more success in our grow room setup. Here is how that grow light system change works.

Moving indoor grow lights are maximized

When our grow light system is moving, we get much better grow light coverage including better grow light spectrum coverage. In other words, we are putting that good grow light spectrum to good use. A moving indoor grow light system will angle in more of our grow light spectrum to more of the middle and lower leaves. And, it reaches more leaf surface at just the right length of time per surface.   This is called Leaf Area Index and it’s hugely important for the overall health and yield of an indoor garden. And, here is what that looks like.

On, then slightly off-side, then on again

All that quality ppfd and grow light spectrum will be intensely on for one area. Then, it will slightly move off-side, and then it will come back again. And, we are not talking very far for grow light system movement. Just moving our grow light system about a meter (3’3”) is typically just right. And, that action is perfect for getting the plant receptors to open more. Conversely, if we bombard the same set of leaves with our indoor grow light system, as in a stationary grow light scenario, we see this. Those receptors will close. So, in order to get maximum grow light spectrum to our plant surfaces in the smartest way possible, we do this. We need to move our indoor grow light systems on light movers.

The best indoor grow lights do what?

In these indoor growing systems, we have more of the leaves efficiently working for the good of the plant. And, this will apply no matter the indoor grow light. To put it simply, indoor plant lights need to move to be effective. So, whether we have high-pressure sodium grow lights, metal halide grow lights, double ended grow lights or LEC grow lights including the CDL grow lights in combination; They all need to move. It’s the same for plasma grow lights and LEC grow lights. The best grow lights move on light movers. And that can be  LightRail 3.5 KitsLightRail 4.0 Kits or  LightRail 4.20 Kits.

Let’s take all the grow light advantages we can get

Quality grow light spectrum is what plants need for faster growth and maximum yield. Grow light movers get those good grow light spectrum numbers to more of the leaves and at just the perfect amount of time per surface. This is the single best way we can supercharge our indoor grow systems in our grow room. Having a good grow light spectrum is something not to waste. But rather, we can bring out everything our grow light spectrum has to offer. So, adding grow light movers in our grow room design; it’s a huge advantage in getting the most out of our grow light spectrum numbers.