Kush Cottage grow lamp automation including LightRail light movers on each side of the center aisle.

Kush Cottage grow lamp automation with LightRail light movers.

We are all about robotic grow room automation. So, when we had the opportunity to be a part of Kush Cottage grow lamp automation, we were excited. First, these indoor growing systems are beautifully logical and super controlled. Each grow room setup provides a year-round complete stand-alone four season greenhouse. And, that’s looking at each indoor greenhouse designed in almost a Quonset hut indoor grow system style. These greenhouse tent systems, solid cottage style, are more manageable in scale, however, than the typical indoor grow room setup. And, they are more manageable for automation control. These grow room design systems come in 8×8 feet, 8×12 feet and 8×15 feet, with one smaller 4×6 option, as well.

LightRail light movers are a big part in the 70% energy savings

The Kush Cottage grow room design has fully automated control of grow room light, grow room heat, cooling and humidity. And, these grow room setups are energy efficient with LightRail light movers.  LightRail 3.5 Kits specifically,  as a big part in the 70% energy savings. Specifically, each indoor greenhouse or four season greenhouse, cottage style, has automatic environmental controls for sunlight, or light deprivation.  This option is in the Solexx top, automated EPDM light deprivation cover. Or, that grow equipment option can be in the poly film reinforced automated light deprivation cover. The Kush Cottage  grow lamp automation indoor grow system video helps to see how that works.

No more hot spots

The supplemental indoor plant light is maximized with LightRail light movers. And, now with the plant canopy able to grow closer to the grow light system, the moving grow lights will do this. With a moving grow light system, there will be a more even grow light dispersion throughout the plant surfaces. And, there will be no hot spots.  The ppfd readings on a LightRail light mover are pretty remarkable. And, those are the very numbers that tell us why our growth rates are faster and why our yields go up.

Well thought out and complete

These grow equipment details, together with a high R value, allow for multiple harvests throughout the year. Also to note, Kush Cottage has two-stage grow room cooling and odor control. These indoor growing equipment units are well thought out and complete.

The Kush Cottage grow lamp automation is worth a special mention. And, it’s a great example of engineering grow equipment function in a unique way and for a specific grow light system purpose. Take a look at the photo. For a longer grow room space, it might be a classic three grow lights moved in-line per LightRail Motor. And, that’s with the addition of two Add A Lamp Kits, one in front and one behind. So, grow lamp number one of three would hang under the LightRail Motor. Kush Cottage did not do that, but instead, they made it fit their grow equipment functional needs. Here is what they did.

An example of thinking differently and a seriously smart design

Again, take a look at the photo. The Extender Rods of the Add A Lamp Kits can be shortened for a custom fit. And, the light mover Rail can be continuous with the addition of Rail Alignment Pins that allow travel across the seams. And, the Rail can be cut for a custom fit. The third thing to mention is we can hang our grow lights however we like and however makes sense.  And, the last take away is with a shorter Add A Lamp stretch, there is no need for a third grow light along this one side of the aisle way. So now, notice the double fan moving under the Motor. LightRail doesn’t have to just move grow lights. It’s an example of thinking differently and it’s a seriously smart design.

Kush Cottage grow lamp automation for a smart indoor grow system

Kush Cottage grow lamp automation is just part of what is an overall sleek, well-engineered indoor grow system. Photos often tell us most of what we need to know. We can see this indoor grow system is all about automation and control. And, that’s in every detail and feature. Because of that, multiples of these might make more sense than a traditional setup. Again, we are all about robotic grow room automation because we know the benefits of tightly rotated crops towards the bottom line. Efficiency of setup contributes to efficiency of outcome. Kush Cottage, with the addition of LightRail light movers, provides the robotic control and automation for this very smart indoor grow system.