logo-with-rThere are certain brand names used in indoor grow systems that stand out and that’s not by random chance. These are the grow equipment products with seriously good reputations, earned over time. LightRail light movers are prominent in that short list for indoor growing systems. A brand is not just a logo that you recognize. But rather, it involves the total grow equipment experience. That includes how that product feels, how it performs in a variety of indoor grow setups, how it stands up to the test of time.  It includes all of that plus how does it uniquely change your indoor grow equipment for the good.

Brand names that matter are the ones that you remember for a reason. LightRail light movers are all about that. So, whether you use the LightRail 3.5 Kit, the LightRail 4.0 Kit or the LightRail 4.20 Kit, you’ll have the confidence to know you have the very best.

China made copycat light mover products can create havoc for your indoor grow systems

Just like with street vendor knockoffs, there are knockoffs for grow light systems and indoor grow kits, as well. And, that’s problematic for our indoor grow system on many levels. The even bigger issue is when knockoffs creep into indoor grow equipment technology. Also problematic is when it creeps into what should be instrument grade grow lamp products.

When that happens, these copycat light mover products will leave us cheated, at best. At worst, we can have a catastrophic failure of our indoor growing equipment and for our indoor grow systems. So, we might save a little money up front with our grow light system. But, then after just a matter of months when the rail light knockoff breaks and it will, what do we have then? Where is their service department located? China made copycat products can create havoc for our indoor grow systems. And, this is a horror we would all like to avoid.

LightRail robotic light movers are instrument grade light movers and are manufactured by Gualala Robotics in the US since 1986

Side by side photo of genuine LightRail (right) compared to poorly made imitator light mover, with housing removed, made in China (left).

Indoor grow systems using LightRail light movers get supercharged results. Don’t be fooled by cheap imitators (left); LightRail is the only brand of light mover that is solidly made in the USA to last crop after crop, year after year. LightRail makes a workhorse of a light mover, and sadly, imitator light movers are made with only one purpose, to look like a LightRail.

The workmanship in the instrument grade Motors of LightRail robotic light Motors involves perfectionism. And, that’s for all levels of production of these grow light systems. For this indoor grow system, each grow lamp Motor has digital control circuitry, heavy duty ball bearing carrier wheels and a self-clutch drive design with automatic traction control. LightRail grow lamp movers also have important electrical certifications. They are: C CSA US or CE and flammability ratings UL 5 VB and each LightRail light mover is RoHS compliant and runs at a safe 28-42 degrees C . These are key details for any and all indoor grow light setups for indoor grow systems, commercial or not. Check out the side by side photo. LightRail is on the right and the Chinese copycat light mover with housing removed is on the left.

Brands are the way for us to have confidence in the quality of our indoor growing equipment purchases

So do brands matter on our grow light systems? The photo gives us the answer. In a world filled with too many anonymous indoor growing equipment posers, brands are the way for us to have confidence in the quality of our indoor grow system purchases. For LightRail, it’s the difference between a solidly made workhorse designed to move any indoor grow lamp compared to a pieced-together replica built with just one purpose – to look like a LightRail light mover. Two purposes if you also count tricking you.

LightRail light movers are on that short list of brands recognized, reputation-driven grow light system products

Brand is the total experience and it’s what keeps this indoor grow system number one in the world. Nothing comes close. Successful indoor growing equipment results matter to all of us. Because of this, brand will always matter, as well. There are only a handful of grow light system brands that stand out as excellent and proven over time. LightRail light movers are in that short list of brand recognized, reputation-driven grow light system products.