LightRail motors are solidly constructed and built to move your grow lights for years to come. Knock-off grow light movers are not built to the same high standards of Gualala Robotics’ LightRail Systems. LightRail light movers are built for the task at hand – your success with growing.  Sadly, knock-offs are built with just one purpose – to look like LightRail. Don’t be fooled by imitations.

LightRail grow Light Movers
Cheap Light mover from China
Genuine LightRail Light mover comparison

Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations!

Starlight - French light mover

French Company Selling
China Made Light Mover
“V4.8 Starlight”

Growlush / Starlight light movers

Australian Company Selling
China Made Light Mover

Power Plant / Sola Rola

UK Company Selling
China Made Light Mover
“Power Plant/Sola Rola”

Side by Side - Motor Comparison

Side By Side Comparison
w/ electric cover removed
Imitation left/LightRail right