Indoor plant light as UV grow light movers combat powdery mildew

UV grow light movers eliminate powdery mildew by reaching a sanitizing grow lamp to all the leaves.

UV grow light movers are absolutely rocking it. We already know that UV grow lights and UVB grow lights help kick-start the bloom phase. And, that’s because they serve as plant stressors. We also know that grow light movers give us faster growth, more nodes, and significantly better yields. So, these two grow equipment superstars are awesome for doing what they do. But, there is another grow light system advantage in moving UV grow lights along a light mover rail. UV grow light movers, or grow light movers for UVB grow lamps, give us another huge benefit. And, this is in a new, cutting-edge way of dealing with a problem that’s been difficult to control previously. And that problem, found in too many indoor grow systems, is powdery mildew.

Previously, the accepted treatment was to spray the affected areas

Powdery mildew of the indoor grow system is a fungal disease. And, it’s more common in certain indoor grow system areas than others. In other words, certain regions of the country are more prone to having to fight powdery mildew. Previously, the accepted treatment was to spray the affected areas. And, each of these powdery mildew products was some version of a fungicide. No, not a good choice. Plus, it would likely not work well. It would be a never-ending battle, all fought in the arena of our indoor growing system.

But think of light as nature’s disinfectant

UV grow light movers, however, are making the difference. And, that’s when it comes to very effectively taking care of that indoor growing system problem. A LightRail 3.5 Kit or a LightRail 4.0 Kit when used with multiple extra rails in a grow room design accordion system works perfectly towards this end.

It’s like the old saying goes – light is nature’s disinfectant. And, especially if that light is as badass as UV grow lights or UVB grow lights. And, if those tough grow lamps are moving on UV grow light movers, they are geometrically stronger. Grow light movers are an important detail. And, they are especially effective at eliminating powdery milder and this is how that works.

Now, there is more indoor plant light penetration to more of the leaves

Grow light movers allow any indoor grow lights, including UV grow lights or UVB grow light, to penetrate. And, that’s to more of the leaf surfaces. Stationary grow lamps, in contrast, shine intensely in one, never changing grow light system area. But, when we move indoor grow lights, each along a light mover rail, the indoor plant light will change. Now, there is more indoor plant light penetration to more of the leaves. This, of course, is one of the reasons that LightRail light movers give us the big yield numbers. It’s simply because more of the leaves are now working for the good of the plant. So, the same principle applies to combating powdery mildew and this is how that works.

The LightRail light mover gives it no place to hide

When our UV grow lights or UVB grow lights are moving on a grow light mover, again more leaves are interacting with the indoor plant light. And now, this time, more of the leaves are interacting with those stressor UV grow lights. So, powdery mildew has met its match. The LightRail light mover gives it no place to hide.

UV Grow Light Movers also let us get closer

There is one more benefit to mention with moving our UV grow lamps or UVB indoor grow lights, and that is this. We can now get these intense indoor grow lights closer. And, that’s without the fear of overdoing it with hot spots that a stationary grow light system would give us. So, getting a little closer with the grow lamps of our indoor grow system, without doing harm, is a serious benefit. Now, our powerful indoor plant light will be just that much more powerful in getting rid of the powdery mildew. This ppfd grow light chart shows how this works. A double ended grow light is represented in this chart. So, it’s easy to imagine how much more extreme it would be for a stationary UV or UVB grow light to be used. It would simply not be possible.

Actually, nobody would ever use a stationary UV grow light or UVB grow light. That’s because it would kill the powdery mildew and it would kill the plants. So, hand held devices are the typical plan of action but those are labor intensive and not very efficient. In an age when grow room efficiency and grow room robotics are center stage, going with more manual labor is like going back in time.

Shine a light on it

UV grow light movers are making all the difference when it comes to eliminating powdery mildew. It’s an example of “shine a light on it”. And, stressor grow light systems such as UV grow lights or UVB grow lights, are effective grow light systems to use. Then, paired with LightRail light movers, we can absolutely win the war of powdery mildew vs garden success.