Grow tent light movers get rid of the middle of the canopy hot spot that occurs in the indoor grow tent setting.

Grow tent light movers get a better indoor plant light to more of the leaves. And, this indoor grow system interaction happens at just the correct amount of time.

A grow tent is like an indoor grow room setup contained within a larger space. So, it’s very much like a grow room kit. And, typically a grow tent is on the smaller side.  Because indoor grow tents are limited on space, we need to be careful with the heat factor and in particular, hot spots.  That’s where grow tent light movers come in. Grow tents vary, but because indoor grow tents typically have limited height; we need to be even more mindful of hot spots and zoned light overkill. The specific indoor grow system dictates of indoor grow tents make using stationary grow light systems virtually impossible. Grow tent light movers will solve this on multiple levels and we cover that below.

Leaves can only absorb light effectively at a certain rate

With stationary indoor grow lights, we have a hot spot directly below each indoor grow light. And, that grow light system detail never changes. It’s intense and it’s inefficient because the leaves can only absorb light effectively at a certain rate. That indoor grow system detail is called Leaf Area Index. The leaves work best for the plant when the indoor plant light is intermittent and spends just a certain amount of time on each leaf area. That’s how the sun works and nature got this one right. But, with stationary indoor grow lights, that indoor plant light source is brutally intense. And, this faulty grow light system interaction continues for 12-18 hours a day. In other words, it never changes and that’s not natural. So, the plant surfaces can’t effectively convert that light energy to something useful.

Stationary grow lamps are the worst of everything

In addition to being a type of indoor plant light that can’t even be processed properly by the leaf surfaces, the stationary grow light system does this. It creates a hot spot right onto the middle of the canopy. Even grow light systems that have cooler burns like LED grow lights will still have an intense area of zoned light overkill. The powerful grow light systems manifest as especially harmful when they are stationary. And conversely, what is under and around the hot spot are nothing but shadows. Stationary grow lamps are the worst of everything and there is only one solution. Grow tent light movers undue the harm and get those quality grow lights to be everything they were meant to be.

Growth rates are faster and yield numbers improve significantly

Grow tent light movers are perfect solutions for the limited space, both horizontally and vertically, for indoor grow tents. The grow light mover moves the indoor grow lights along the light mover rail and turns them into rail lights. So, the indoor grow room setup is now efficient. And, with the grow light system now making contact with each leaf surface for the correct leaf photoperiod, the plants now thrive. Growth rates are faster and yield numbers improve significantly.

This is true whether using a  LightRail 3.5 Kit, a  LightRail 4.0 Kit or a  LightRail 4.20 Kit. And, whichever grow light system used, it’s best to use  a single piece Rail or a Rail half if using  Rail Hanger Brackets for Grow Tents. Or, a splinted two piece Rail can be used by drilling the combined Rail to a small wooded splint just at the seam. That gives extra strength at the seam for being suspended in a grow tent.

Grow tent light movers get rid of the hot spots and shadows

In addition to achieving the proper Leaf Area Index for each leaf surface, we have also eliminated the hot spot and reduced the shadows. When the stress of having a hotspot is gone, again, the plants do better for growth rates and yield numbers. And, as a side benefit,  the areas that were previously shadowed are now getting indoor plant light interaction. So, those leaves are now also working for the good of the plant.

With limited space, the grow light mover is the only way to accomplish this

Grow light systems that move are maximized in the truest sense. And, the grow tent light mover is the only way to accomplish this. With limited space, it is especially important to get that intense grow lamp to be evenly dispersed over the canopy. And, it’s important to get our grow light systems to penetrate below that canopy, eliminating the shadows. The indoor grow room setup of the grow tent is especially sensitive to the downfalls of stationary grow light systems. But, conversely, this grow room kit in the form of a grow tent responds perfectly to a moving indoor grow light. It’s a beautiful combination and it makes all the difference in growth rates and yield numbers.