Specifically, which grow lights are best on grow light movers? There are entire categories of indoor grow lights that we can break apart as we look into these grow light system comparisons. So, when thinking which grow lights are best, we’ll do this. We’ll first keep the indoor grow light systems separated by grow light system numbers and stats. Then, we’ll look at each of these grow light systems as they are affected by grow light movers.

Fluorescent grow lights for lower light plants

First the simplest grow light system includes fluorescent grow lamps. Fluorescent indoor grow lights certainly have their place. And, that’s typically for lower light plants such as seedlings and younger low light plants such as lettuce and herbs. The compact fluorescent is similar and both do have stronger versions that are more capable. How the fluorescent grow lamp works best is on a grow light mover because then we can place this indoor grow system closer. And, when the indoor grow light is closer, we can get more grow light strength right to the top of our plants. At the same time and because our indoor grow lights are moving along a light mover rail, we have even light. So, we can make these indoor grow lights more powerful by getting them closer and by moving them.

High-pressure sodium, metal halide, and hot spots

As we look at which grow lights are best, we have to think of the standard bearers of the high-pressure sodium grow lights (HPS grow lights) and the metal halide grow lights (MH grow lights). Metal halide indoor grow lights have more blue in their color. And, that indoor plant light duplicates the spring color of the sun’s rays which is best for the growth phase for younger plants. Then, when the plants are ready to go from the growth phase to the bloom phase, we switch our indoor grow lights to the high-pressure sodium grow lamps. That grow light setup imitates the light of summer with red hues. So, this indoor plant light helps to promote buds and fruit.

Temperature matters for the indoor grow system

These two indoor growing equipment light systems, HPS and MH, are very hot for temperature. And, when they are stationary in the indoor grow setup, they are brutal to the plant canopy. So, we’re forced to position them farther away which depletes their power. But, when we move these grow light systems along the light mover rails, we free them. We get rid of the hot spots and we get rid of the shadows.  We get a much better use of the indoor plant light and we get better grow light penetration.

Smart with high output but less electricity used to get that output

Another grow light system to consider as we think of which grow lights are best is the double ended grow lamp. These are so smart with high output but less electricity used to get that output. They will get the job done but they are too intense when stationary. So again, we need to place them too high as we try to avoid hot spots. It’s a waste of grow lamp potential. We want high PAR and even ppfd right to the canopy. And, we can only get that when we move our indoor grow systems with light movers. Only then, can we get every bit of what these exceptional grow lamps can offer.

LEDs on light movers; that’s logical

LED grow light systems absolutely come to mind when thinking of which grow lights are the best. Energy efficiency is important and becoming even more so every day. So right there, these grow light systems win. Typically, they are intense and focused, so they do best when moved.  And, that gets that intense grow lamp quality dispersed over more area. Plus, it gets that indoor grow light interaction to more leaves and that’s with more light penetration. It’s a major efficiency move to use light movers.

LECs on grow light movers are considerably more efficient and more capable

Light emitting ceramic or LEC grow lights get more than an honorable mention for which grow lights are the best. These are a grow lamp style that gives us a big bang for the buck in output. And, that’s without the huge electrical input. So, they are efficient and capable. On grow light movers, they are considerably more efficient and considerably more capable. For the same reasons above, we have made this grow light system significantly improved.

3,000 PAR right to the canopy but we cannot do that when they are stationary

Industrial Grow Equipment with light moversAs we are thinking of which grow lights are best while using grow light movers, we see this. For some grow lamps, we are trying to get their impact to improve. And for others, we are trying more for an even impact with more light penetration and getting the light intensity off. Even then, we are still shooting for higher PAR. For these stronger grow light systems, we can get 3,000 PAR right to the canopy but we cannot do that when they are stationary. This leaves us to one very important point. To answer which grow lights are the best, we would have to say this. The powerful grow lights that are also energy efficient are our favorites. But, they absolutely need to move on grow light movers to be everything they can be.

Which grow lights are best is probably a three-way tie, but each on a light mover

They are then much more powerful at 3,000 PAR and that’s intermittent power where it moves off slightly and then comes back strong. That’s how plants use indoor plant light the best. And, it’s how it works in nature. Plus, we are getting more of the leaves to work for the plant and that’s because we now have better light penetration. Whether it’s a  LightRail 3.5 Kit, a  LightRail 4.0 Kit or a  LightRail 4.20 Kit, grow light movers do this. They make our excellent grow light system so much more effective. And, grow light movers make our very energy efficient grow light system so much more energy efficient as we can now cover about 30% more area. So, which grow lights are best are the powerful ones that are also efficient and of those, the ones that are moving.