Gualala Robotics Inc first came to light in 1986 in the small coastal town of Gualala, CA and then after seven years, the mover light facility relocated to Steamboat Springs, CO where it remains today as the world’s leading manufacturer of indoor grow light movers for indoor gardening and indoor grow setups. The early days saw the rail lights systems LightRail 2 and the LightRail 3 and all the robotic lights of LightRail® Light Mover products for indoor grow lights, from the beginning, have been proudly made in America.

Today, Gualala Robotics is known for quality grow equipment including the LightRail 3.5 IntelliDrive with a 0 to 60 second adjustable time delay, the LightRail 4.0 AdjustaDrive with a variable 2 – 4 feet (.6m-1.2m) per minute adjustable speed control along with a 0 to 60 second adjustable time delay providing the ultimate in grow light systems control and the LightRail 5.0 Side by Side with IntelliDrive. LightRail is also the only brand that moves any sized grow light, any weight, and has specific products for moving in the larger 4×4 LEDs in a smooth glide, secure way. Gualala Robotics has recently celebrated 30 years of “Bringing Light To The Shadows” and is proud to be manufacturing the world’s leading indoor grow systems for indoor grow lights, the LightRail® brand and as always, solidly made in the USA. If it does not say Gualala Robotics, it is not a LightRail®.

The basic science of LightRail is that, by moving your indoor grow lights, you can now get a better quality grow light into the mid and lower leaves with your grow light setup. With more light penetration from your grow equipment, you eliminate shadows and this allows for more of the leaves to work for the plant. The second part of this is that, by moving your indoor grow lights, you also eliminate hot spots. Because of this, you can now run your grow light closer to your plants and thereby get a much more efficient use of your grow light wattage. It’s a two part effect and the end result is healthier plants with better plant growth and much better yields from your indoor grow systems and indoor grow equipment.”

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