Indoor growing with light movers give us faster growth and better yields.

Indoor growing with light movers vs outdoor growing exposes this truth. Indoor growing, especially with light movers that duplicate the sun, give us much more control and much better results.

Has outdoor growing met its match? First, we should say, you don’t have to pick one grow equipment side or the other. We understand that outdoor growing works for some people decently enough. Indoor growing with light movers vs outdoor growing is an interesting visual, however. And yes, there’s an implied equivalency for this match-up. It’s as if light movers have already won the battle over stationary grow lamps, and they are now absolutely taking on the sun. Here is how that looks.

Nature can be a beast

Let’s set aside indoor growing with light movers for just a moment, and let’s go outside. What do we know for sure? Nature is perfectly fine except for the times that it’s not. We can all get that t-shirt made. But as we also know, nature can be a real beast. And specifically, where we live can be flawed for farming, and that’s with major shortages of water or land. Or, we might have poor soil for our grow equipment. We might also have low to the horizon winter sun and a short growing season. The truth is, most of the planet is seriously challenged for outdoor growing. And, even when we can grow outside, we find the following details. Outdoor growing is imperfect, a bit of a slow go and we lose important control. There. I said it.

365 days a year, now that’s a big one

Indoor growing with light movers makes for a whole different story. And, we are going to include four season greenhouse growing with supplemental indoor plant light here. That’s because these indoor growing systems are also indoors. The benefits of indoor growing with light movers include having the ability to grow 365 days a year, with up to 90% less water and 90% less space. That’s for a hydro grow kit, with indoor hydroponics being a serious water saver. And, with a hydro grow kit, we can get clever with space planning because the roots are no longer competing for space. The urban farm that has a vertical grow setup is a good example. But even indoor marijuana growing systems are now cutting edge for space saving.

A perpetual “sea of green” can only happen indoors

For marijuana growing systems, indoor growing with light movers gives complete control to all aspects of the indoor growing systems. This controlled indoor grow system can provide a perpetual “sea of green” with continuous harvesting. And, with the additional control of UV grow lights, UVB grow lights and light deprivation, crops can be manipulated to perfection. A super controlled environment makes it like a fine wine when it comes to the results. And, that’s every single time. Whereas, what’s growing outside might be fine or might not. As an example, what’s outside might have the neighbor’s pesticides wafting by. Or, it might not. The point is it would all be out of our control. Outdoor growing has many more variables with less control on those variables.

The business side of us loves that grow equipment control

Besides these advantages, we have the speed of production and that’s with indoor growing with light movers. It’s unique and specific to an indoor grow system. And, this grow light system detail cannot be duplicated outside when it comes to production speed. This is more about the serious production efficiency of indoor growing. And, the production efficiency of the grow light system is key, with multiple crops tightly rotated in. Also, these multiple crops in the indoor grow system can veg much shorter and go into bloom much quicker. The business side of us loves that grow equipment control. And, we can get these stellar benefits if we use a LightRail 3.5 Kit, a LightRail 4.0 Kit or a LightRail 4.20 Kit.

The best of nature right into our very controlled indoor grow setup

Indoor growing with light movers is actually a way that we are duplicating nature. And, the grow lamp moving on a grow light mover is specifically duplicating the way the sun works. We are actually taking the best of nature and putting it into our very controlled indoor grow setup. This is seriously smart. It’s a detail that gives us huge advantages and incredible results. So just like the sun moves, we are now moving our indoor grow lights along the light mover rail. And, this grow equipment detail is the key to the business side of what we are doing. It gets us the faster growth, the higher yields, better quality yields and all of it much quicker. The grow light mover is the star of our indoor story. And here is how it specifically does what it does.

Indoor growing with light movers delivers maximum PAR and ppfd

A grow light mover moves the grow lamp along the light mover rail. And, when we move our indoor grow lights, we can then get those indoor grow lights closer. There are no hot spots with a moving grow light system, so we can now get much closer. When any grow lamp is closer to the plant canopy, we get a better quality grow lamp with maximum PAR. That’s called Inverse Square Law and light movers conquer that. See the grow light system ppfd chart that explains how this works.

A grow light system that moves delivers a more sun-like quality of indoor plant light

At the same time, we get more indoor plant light to more of the leaves with a moving grow lamp. And, we then have more of those leaves working for the plant. That’s called Leaf Area Index, and it’s huge for the outcome. A grow light mover does two things at once. And because of that combined action, it’s magical for the results of faster growth and significant yield increases. So, a grow light system that moves delivers a more sun-like quality of indoor plant light. And, this better quality for our indoor grow system, specifically for our indoor grow lights, makes all the difference.