Gualala Robotics has come up with a grow light system that moves three indoor grow lights with just one Motor of the LightRail 3.5 Kit or one Motor of the LightRail 4.0 Kit. This is really smart. Each grow lamp travels in its own 2-meter (6’6”) rail light area. The middle grow lamp moves under the power of the LightRail Motor. Grow lamp #2 and grow lamp #3 are moving under Auxiliary Trolleys. This grow light system is all done through the use of push/pull rods. This indoor grow kit of three grow lamps moved with a single LightRail light mover is revolutionary for grow light systems when it comes to ease of use and ease of planning. And, it’s a more affordable way to plan out the moving grow light system.

schematic-add-a-lamp-photo shows how two grow lamps can move with one light mover motor, and up to three lights can move per motor. Very smart.

The LightRail light mover indoor grow kit can move up to three grow lamps per light mover motor. Grow light systems take off when they are moved along the top of the plant canopy on light movers.



This time, what it was previously pulling is now getting gently pushed out ahead and vice versa

This light mover indoor grow light system works in the following way. As the LightRail indoor grow system goes along the Rail with one light directly under, it gently pushes out the grow lamp #2 while at the same time it gently pulls behind grow lamp #3. When it gets to the end of the light rail system run, it pauses. Then it reverses direction. This time, what it was previously pulling is now getting gently pushed out ahead and vice versa. This takes place through the use of Add A Lamp Kits, one on each end. Take a look at the diagram of how the Add A Lamp works and check out the video:

For grow equipment planning and grow light systems, each triple configuration has 19’ 6″ of Rail. Each indoor grow light travels in its own 6’6” rail light area. We can see how this makes it very easy for planning out our indoor growing equipment. It’s simply three repeat, three repeat, end to end and row after row. This very smart indoor grow kit of three grow lamps moved over 19’ 6″ makes moving our indoor grow lights much simpler. This grow equipment change also makes it much easier to plan out our grow light systems as we fill our space with indoor grow lights. LightRail light movers moving three grow lamps for indoor plants in this grow equipment configuration makes this grow light system very user-friendly. And, if space is tighter, we can use half Rails at 3’3″ each with abour a 2′ gap in between. And, the gap plants get plenty of indoor plant light from both ends. So, the grow light system half rail plan or full rail plan is easy to set up and very adaptable for any sized indoor grow setup.