22 05, 2019

How to Hang a Long Rectangular Grow Light on a LightRail


Let’s face it. Sometimes grow light sizes or weights can seem intimidating. How to hang a long rectangular grow light on a LightRail light mover might seem to be one of those instances. The truth is it’s easy and intuitive, and the same basic grow light hanging principles apply for any grow light system size. [...]

How to Hang a Long Rectangular Grow Light on a LightRail2019-05-22T14:22:05-06:00
6 03, 2019

How to Maximize Grow Light Height in a Grow Tent


Grow light height in a grow tent is a challenge in that the grow tent has specific vertical height limitations. Then, the grow light takes up precious room and the plants, over time, grow dangerously close to that grow light. So, every bit of savings in grow tent vertical space will count, and efficiency of [...]

How to Maximize Grow Light Height in a Grow Tent2019-12-31T13:15:06-07:00
8 02, 2019

How to Get an Even Plant Canopy


For how to get an even plant canopy, we should aim to get the grow lights close and powerful. But, at the same time, we get those grow lamps to shine intermittently, and that is on LightRail light movers. Unfortunately, a jagged and uneven canopy is the norm for too many of [...]

How to Get an Even Plant Canopy2019-12-31T13:18:31-07:00
30 01, 2019

Light Mover Grow Light System Automation


  Light mover grow light system automation is how we turn ordinary grow lamps into robotic lights that give powerful results. The more we automate, the more we can be this guy. And, light mover grow light system automation is an important and techy part of the grow room setup. With just [...]

Light Mover Grow Light System Automation2019-12-31T13:20:24-07:00
16 01, 2019

How to Work with a Large Grow Light Assembly


Sometimes a grower or indoor gardener will do something really creative with their grow lights. And, that's by creating a single grow light unit. So, for how to work with a large grow light assembly and specifically, how to hang a large grow light assembly on a LightRail light mover, we have to be smart. [...]

How to Work with a Large Grow Light Assembly2019-01-16T16:35:29-07:00
10 01, 2019

Frankensteining Light Mover Growing Equipment


Frankensteining light mover growing equipment includes knowing what we can and cannot do with our grow light system. Is it ok to Frankenstein light mover growing equipment? The short answer is, absolutely! Sure, we wouldn’t go as extreme as Ikea hackers, but we can get creative. The important thing to keep in [...]

Frankensteining Light Mover Growing Equipment2019-03-08T14:27:32-07:00
4 01, 2019

The Light Mover Guide for the Grow Room


The light mover guide includes knowing that sometimes you learn as you go. Always make sure the grow light mover is a real LightRail. And, make sure you do not move your grow lamp too far. Basically, it’s “know before you grow”. But also, absolutely learn as you grow, and then improve. [...]

The Light Mover Guide for the Grow Room2019-01-04T15:51:18-07:00
27 12, 2018

How to Diffuse LED Grow Light Intensity


First, we love LED grow lights. Good LED grow lights can accomplish great things for the indoor garden. They are unique indoor plant lights with huge grow light system benefits. And, those grow light system benefits include super spectrum output, unique LED grow light intensity and energy efficiency. Again, this is for good LED grow [...]

How to Diffuse LED Grow Light Intensity2019-12-31T13:22:21-07:00
8 12, 2018

Winter Greenhouse Lights


Gualala Robotics has a new LightRail Extreme Duty Greenhouse Package that is brilliant for the off season greenhouse. It comes with the perfect greenhouse support attachment and has 13' (4m) of Rail for a longer greenhouse run. See link at the bottom. The photo above is of an all-season greenhouse in Iceland using winter greenhouse [...]

Winter Greenhouse Lights2019-12-31T13:26:09-07:00