Using light movers in urban farms can make a huge difference towards our results. Grow rooms are often urban farm setups, or they might have dedicated space for farming. And, those urban farm setups can be completely indoors for 365 days of hydro grow kit growing. Or, they can have a vertical grow setup or maybe all in a greenhouse with greenhouse lighting. For any of these indoor grow systems, we would use grow lamps and we’d want those grow lamps to perform. That’s why using light movers in urban farms make so much sense. Here’s why.

We want each grow lamp to penetrate beyond the canopy

Light movers in urban farms give us the best results possible

Light movers in urban farms give us a better, stronger indoor plant light. And, that moving grow lamp action gets the light all the way into the lower leaves. So, more of the leaves are now working for the plant.

Indoor plant light needs to be intense without burning. And, that indoor plant light needs to be reaching as many leaves as possible. The more leaves that interact with the indoor plant light, the more leaves there are that efficiently work for the plant. So, we want each grow lamp to penetrate beyond the canopy. And, here is how we can do that. When we have our indoor grow lights moving on grow light movers, we get our grow lamps reaching all the way to the middle and lower leaves. The photo above and to the right show us how that grow light system penetration works. These photos are of an urban farm setup using Botany Unlimited’s all-in-one hydro grow kit. And, each indoor grow light is moving on a LightRail light mover. This, in turn, gets the indoor plant light past the dense canopy and into those lower leaves.

Growth rate is faster and yield increases

So, when more of the leaves receive the indoor plant light interaction, growth rate is faster and yield increases significantly. Both those variables are very much tied to the quality of the grow light system. Light movers in urban farms allow for a good indoor grow light to become a great indoor grow light. And, here is how that specific grow light system detail works. When the grow lamps move along the light mover rail, we can have a closer indoor grow light positioning above the plant canopy. And, we can get away with this because we no longer have any hot spots because now, the grow lamp is moving. This is true whether we use a LightRail 3.5 Kit, a LightRail 4.0 Kit or a LightRail 4.20 Kit.

Drop those indoor grow lights for maximum PAR and ppfd

So, we now have a more powerful grow lamp in our grow light system, with higher PAR delivered right there to the plant canopy. And, that will give us the grow equipment results we want. Without that important grow equipment detail, each of our grow lamps would be forced to be positioned way too high. And, indoor grow lights that are a few feet or more above the plant canopy are not living up to their potential. At five feet above the plant canopy, we are only using 50% of the possible PAR and ppfd that our indoor grow lights could be giving us. The indoor grow light potential is there but it’s not being used. So, we can drop those indoor grow lights to be closer for maximum PAR and ppfd.

It’s how the sun works

And, because the light is now coming at angles, we are also getting each leaf to light up at just the correct amount of time. There is a scientific term for this and it’s called Leaf Area Index. It’s an important grow light system detail that basically duplicates the way the sun works. Light movers in urban farms allow this to happen.

Closer, better and sun-like, oh my

So now to the fun part for our indoor grow systems. Or, we can think of it as a third benefit. So, we can have this closer, better, sun-like indoor plant light work for us in another way. Of course, this detail follows getting our indoor grow systems closer in positioning and moving on our grow light movers. By doing this, our indoor grow systems can now get creative. So, this creativity comes from positioning some low growth plants under the canopy of faster growth plants. Of course, it depends on the plants and their specific grow equipment requirements. in other words, the lower light plants are the ones that come to mind.

Light movers in urban farms are all about efficiency

Light movers in urban farms are all about efficiency but this gets that efficiency to another level. And, it makes our hydro grow kit setup just that much more effective, as well. Efficient indoor grow lights that move along a light mover rail will give us many more possibilities along with better results. And, those grow equipment positives include faster growth rates, better yields and a better use of our grow room space:  Grow light system space planning.