Grow light system of LightRail light movers in Botany Unlimited Design Systems.

Picture this: Light movers are rectangles of benefits and stationary indoor grow lamps are squares. The stationary light pattern as part of the indoor growing equipment is limiting. With that stationary light pattern, there is an intense hot spot right below the indoor grow lamp. So, the grow light system needs to be lifted farther away from the plants than it would otherwise. Because of this, the quality of the grow light systems is diminished considerably.

No matter the indoor grow setup, whether it’s double ended indoor grow lights, LED indoor grow lights, an indoor grow kit with a plasma grow lamp, high-pressure sodium indoor grow lights, indoor growing systems with metal halide grow lights, UV grow lights or indoor growing systems with LEC indoor grow lamps – no matter which grow light systems are used, if the indoor grow lamps are positioned higher, as part of the indoor grow kit, than it should be – in other words too high above the plant canopy, then we lose. We lose important indoor grow light quality. And, at 5 feet above the plant canopy for this indoor grow setup, we are at 50% grow lamp output effectiveness.

Inverse Square Law can work for us

This is all about Inverse Square Law. Inverse Square Law is a constant that does not care how good our indoor grow lamp is. No stationary grow light system can ever counteract this geometrically diminishing, light with distance grow equipment effect.  In addition to forcing grow light systems to be farther away than we would like, the never changing light pattern of stationary grow lamps on the plant canopy is directly related to the never changing shadow patterns beneath the plant canopy. That’s a lot of plant surface that is not interacting with the indoor grow lamps. And, that is a serious loss of yield potential. So as part of our indoor growing equipment, let’s turn an ineffective square of an indoor grow setup into a more interesting robotic lights rectangle. Let’s see how that changes things.

Light movers take our grow equipment from a square into a rectangle of movement

Grow light systems placed on LightRail light movers take our grow equipment from a square into a rectangle of movement. This mimics the grow lighting patterns of nature. In this grow light system, because the grow lighting is moving on LightRail light movers, the hot spots or zoned light overkill that was there when the indoor growing equipment was stationary, is now eliminated. With these indoor growing systems,  those hot spots are completely gone. That’s when the grow lighting is moved as robotic lights on light movers, making them rail lights. And, it’s the same principle with the LightRail 3.5 Kit, the LightRail 4.0 Kit and the LightRail 4.20 Kit.

We can fire our indoor grow lamps in close to get the best out of our grow equipment

We can now get Inverse Square Law to work for us, not against us.  It’s a matter of dropping each indoor grow light to get much closer. Take a look at the grow lamp ppfd readouts on a moving indoor grow light. We can fire our robotic lights in close to the plant canopy to get the best out of our grow equipment. For any indoor grow kit, when an indoor grow light is now moving on a light mover, we also see the shadow patterns are decreased. So, the mid and lower leaves are now receiving the benefits of the grow light system setup.

In other words, more leaves are now getting a better quality of usable indoor grow light. And, that makes for the best lights for indoor growing equipment, with more leaves making grow lighting contact during the photoperiod and at the correct intensity for the maximum light saturation point for green leaf photosynthesis.

That’s how it is in nature – It’s intense and effective, but it’s not always noon

A light mover simply provides a more effective grow light interaction on more leaves for the correct amount of time. That’s how our sunlight supply operates. It’s intense and effective, but it’s not always noon. Indoor growing systems as robotic lights make for a better light.  That better light result in faster growth and much better yields. A light mover is the most effective way to unleash the power in our indoor grow setup.  That will give us the best grow equipment results including maximum yield. Moving our grow equipment with a LightRail light mover as part of any indoor grow setup gives us a rectangle of benefits. The takeaway: Don’t be a square; move your light.

Photo courtesy of Botany Unlimited Design Systems; HyGroCage setup incorporating LightRail 3.5