Gualala Robotics has a new LightRail Extreme Duty Greenhouse Package that is brilliant for the off season greenhouse. It comes with the perfect greenhouse support attachment and has 13′ (4m) of Rail for a longer greenhouse run. See link at the bottom. The photo above is of an all-season greenhouse in Iceland using winter greenhouse lights. Any indoor grow setup north of a certain latitude will absolutely need winter indoor grow lights. And, that’s because the greenhouse indoor grow system simply does not get enough of an effective natural sunlight supply. The sunlight sourced indoor plant light, through the greenhouse ceiling or walls, is too low on the horizon. Plus, the days are too short for our greenhouse indoor grow room. So, we supplement our indoor greenhouse with grow lights. Those grow lights might make up the majority of our greenhouse lighting and that’s expected. We can grow very effectively year round and that’s by using winter greenhouse lights to their maximum. We can also get a better indoor plant light to more leaves. And, that’s while getting rid of the stationary grow light shadows.

Winter Greenhouse Lights

Winter greenhouse lights moved with LightRail light movers give us a better quality of grow light interaction. And, that’s with more leaf area exposed to the indoor plant lights and with better grow light penetration.

What is true in Iceland is true just about everywhere to a certain degree

Take another look at the photo of the Icelandic indoor greenhouse with grow lights. For such a northern country, this photo could easily have been shot at 9:00 in the morning or even 3:00 in the afternoon. A large percentage of the planet has very short fall or winter daylight. Even the majority of the US states have substantially shortened winter daylight hours. What is true in Iceland is true just about everywhere to a certain degree. So, not only do we need to use indoor plant grow lights but we need to maximize our indoor plant grow lights. Our winter greenhouse lights should give us everything our winter sunlight is incapable of delivering. Sure, it can supplement as in supplemental greenhouse lighting. But, our winter greenhouse lights are also doing a large amount of replacing. We cannot grow without these greenhouse grow light systems in place.

Let’s put these best grow lights that money can buy on grow light movers

There are two important ways that we can maximize our grow lights for indoor plants. First, we need to get quality grow light systems in place as we plan out our greenhouse design.  We need our indoor grow lights to have high enough output and ppfd, and they need be exceptional for all the light spectrum numbers that we need. Then, we need to put these best grow lights that money can buy on grow light movers. There are a number of benefits to moving grow light systems along a light mover rail and here are a few.

When we move our winter greenhouse lights, we get more leaf area covered in a more natural way. As an example and if we had effective sunshine, it would not beat down in one spot with intensity leaving the next plant over without that interaction. Also, we would not have blocks of shadows from grow lights that are in the way of the already limited natural sunshine available. So, by moving each grow light of our grow light system, each plant reacts this way.  The powerfully intense grow light interaction is strong then slightly off-side and over to the next plants. And, then, that intense indoor plant light comes back strong. As we hear the question, what is the best grow lamp, that LightRail light mover action is the deciding factor in bringing out excellence. And, to those different grow light numbers we are exposed to as we determine the best grow light for our needs, LightRail light movers give us a real advantage.

How to set up a grow room with the winter greenhouse lights in mind

Plants have evolved over millions of years to best use that type of intermittent grow light intensity. And, that is because it is the closest thing to natural sunshine. A good part of any given day will have angled light and intermittent clouds. In addition, nature has plants nearby that shade then don’t shade depending on the angle of the sun and the breeze’s effect on branches. So, as we think of how to set up a grow room or how to set up a greenhouse, we want to do this. We want to maximize our grow light system to be as powerfully effective as we can. And the winter greenhouse lights should move for that reason.

Here’s help with the greenhouse grow room design

How do we plan out this greenhouse grow room design? And, how do we maximize the indoor greenhouse with grow lights? First, look for help with the grow room design. LightRail light movers have helpful indoor greenhouse with grow lights ideas. And, they have strut channel compatible rails that can attach to virtually any greenhouse support frame. Those come with the Greenhouse Package. This is all useful with grow equipment planning. And, LightRail light movers are adaptable for any winter greenhouse lights in the greenhouse setting. This is true for the LightRail 3.5 Extreme Duty Greenhouse Package and for the LightRail 4.0 Extreme Duty Greenhouse Package . The winter greenhouse is really the all season greenhouse. So, maximizing its use as a four-season greenhouse has to include supercharging its grow light systems. Whether we are simply extending the day year round or we are relying heavily on supplemental greenhouse lighting, LightRail has it all covered.