Sure, indoor grow lights should move on grow light movers. But, what about the best grow lights? Aren’t these grow light systems just fine on their own? The short answer is all indoor grow lights need to move. But, the best grow lights need to move for even more reasons. Here is how that works.

Grow light movers result in a much higher PPFD reading right to the canopy

First, all indoor grow lights including the best grow lights, when moved on a grow light mover, do this. They deliver a better indoor plant light. And, this is a two-part process. So, both indoor growing equipment actions happening at the exact same time. We get a closer, more powerful grow lamp interaction. And, that’s when the grow light system is moving on a light mover rail. That’s because the movement of our grow light system eliminates hot spots. And conversely, it reduces shadow patterns. So, when we no longer have to worry about the zoned light overkill of the grow lamps of our stationary indoor growing equipment, we can get your grow light systems closer. That makes better use of our ppfd and better usage of our overall grow light system. And, it results in a much higher PAR or ppfd reading right to the canopy.

It’s all about grow lamp bravery

This is an example of Inverse Square Law. And, that’s a scientific law where light is diminishing geometrically the farther away it is positioned from an object. So, here is a good visual for this. At five feet above the canopy, we are at 50% light power. Yet, indoor plant light quality and strength is the single most important detail to growth rate, plant health and yield numbers. It’s a dilemma and it’s even more of a dilemma with our best grow lights; the powerful ones. But, we can get around this with our indoor grow setup by using grow light movers. It’s really all about grow lamp bravery. And, we can only do this when we have our indoor grow lights moving on a light mover system. Yes, know all your grow light numbers and stats and what those numbers mean. But as importantly, know what those grow light numbers turn into when moved along the plant canopy.

Light equals yield and better light equals better yield

The second part of this grow light system process of moving our grow lamps along a light mover rail is this. We are now getting that closer, better quality indoor plant light to more of the leaves. And, that indoor plant light is making contact with each of those leaves at just the correct amount of time. This is an example of  Leaf Area Index (LAI). Nature is not stationary and our grow lamps should not be either. And very important to remember, light equals yield and better light equals better yield. So, with more of the leaves now working for the plant, we get those outstanding results we want. In other words, our grow light systems now penetrate to the mid and lower leaves which, before, would have been shadowed. With more leaves working, we get better results. Plus, this is how the sun works.

Even more important for those powerful indoor grow lights

These two indoor grow system details of closer, more powerful grow lamp interaction together with more and better leaf involvement make all the difference for our grow equipment results. And, that’s the case for any type of grow lamp and true for all grow light systems. But, this is even more the case for any of those powerful indoor grow lights that are currently on the market.

Why would we undo the benefits by cutting the quality in half?

Our best grow lights are intense and powerful and they beat down. So, when they are stationary indoor grow systems, they are just too intense. And so, we position them higher in our indoor growing systems. Even these grow equipment lighting companies suggest positioning these indoor grow systems multiple feet above the canopy. But, wait. Why pay so much for powerful, quality indoor growing systems and then undo the benefits by cutting the quality in half?

LightRail light movers break those stationary rules

Remember at five feet above, we are at 50% power and it’s geometrical. So, at four feet, we are approaching that diminished output pretty quickly. So, the best grow lights need to be reined in significantly so that we can do what? Make them average? Hey, this is why we move our grow equipment lighting so that we don’t have to get negatively affected under stationary rules. LightRail light movers break those indoor grow setup rules. And  grow light movers allow even the best grow lights to be positioned closer for maximum PAR and more even ppfd readings.

The best grow lights money can buy need to be used to their full potential

Indoor growing systems need to move. And, what works for the typical indoor growing equipment lights works the same, and even more so, for our best grow lights. This is true using the  LightRail 3.5 Kit, the LightRail 4.0 Kit and the  LightRail 4.20 Kit. The best grow lights money can buy need to be used to their full potential. And, that means having these indoor growing systems move with grow light movers.