Planning Your Space

First, let’s start with a typical  4’ x  4’ footprint of indoor plant light delivered by a typical Grow Light reflector.


lightrail3pr2Next as part of the grow room design, lets put that Grow Light on a LightRail

and move it back and forth about 30 inches.

Simply put, a stationary grow light is a SQUARE.

A grow light on a LightRail is a RECTANGLE.


Now as we plan out our grow room lights, let’s run 2 grow lights end to end; one on a LightRail and the other on an Add a Lamp.


Now for our grow room lights, we’ll duplicate the LightRail with an Add a Lamp, one row over for a wider RECTANGLE.



Our grow room lights can also have the addition of another Add a Lamp to the other end, for 3 grow lights over an 18’ span.


For our grow room design, we can do this over and over, again and again, to best fit our indoor grow room setup.


Here, the grow room lights are in 4’x12′ beds in a 14′ x 14′ grow room design with room to walk around each indoor grow system space.


Here the grow room lights are in three 18’ x 4’ beds in a 20’ x 20’ grow room design space with room to walk around each indoor grow system.


Here the grow room lights are in four 4’ x 12’ beds in a 20’ x 20’ grow room design space with room to walk around each indoor grow system.


So it’s easy to see: LightRail is simple, smart and scalable. You can go as big as you like for the grow room design. And, that’s end to end and row after row. LightRail is customizable for any indoor grow setup.

Stationary is square. LightRail gives you a rectangle of benefits including closer grow lamp to plant tolerance without the hot spots and stagnant shadow patterns. More grow light coverage, of course. Better grow light coverage, Absolutely!!

Because a moving grow light helps to achieve an optimum Leaf Area Index (LAI) by covering more of the plant with direct indoor plant light at the correct intensity.

LR 3.5 ID9 Kit or LR4 AD US Ki


The above represents one LightRail  3.5 IntelliDrive Kit or one LightRail AdjustaDrive 4.0 Kit. Each comes with one Drive Motor and one 6’6” Rail complete with adjustable switch stops, mounting hardware and instructions. Both the 3.5 and 4.0 are built on the same grow equipment platform so all accessory items fit either. Both have a  0 to 60 second  adjustable time delay for pausing the motor at the ends of the rail. This grow equipment detail promotes even growth on the ends by helping to even out the “twice covered” grow light center section of travel. The LightRail AdjustaDrive 4.0 also has  variable adjustable speed from 2 to 4 feet per minute for the ultimate control.  The 3.5 IntelliDrive is fixed at 4 feet per minute.

AAL Inet Kit

Above represents the LightRail Add a Lamp Kit which comes with one 6’6” Rail, one Auxiliary Trolley, and all the hardware necessary to install  to an existing 3.5 or 4.0 Drive Motor. As seen in the previous slides, two AAL Kits can be used with one 3.5 or 4.0 Drive Motor. For this scenario, we recommend upgrading to  our Extreme Duty Trolley Wheels.


       TW ED KIT

Extreme Duty Trolley Wheels: A suggested upgrade item for moving multiple grow lights with one Motor +/or heavier indoor garden lights such as heavier LED grow lights, some plasma grow lights or any grow light with an internal ballast. Extreme Duty Wheels are engineered with steel on steel ball bearing with a nylon over molded tire for smooth, quiet operation. Compatible with LightRail 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 and 4.20, these wheels will turn your LightRail into an industrial work horse. Rated to 60 lbs per set, Extreme Duty Wheels come with a lifetime warranty. Hint: You will want one set of Extreme Duty Wheels per light moved, whether under the Motor or under the Auxiliary Trolley of an Add-A-Lamp Kit.



LightRail 4.20 AdjustaDrive Kit: This Kit comes complete with a variable speed LightRail 4.0 AdjustaDrive Motor, a two piece 2-meter (6’6” total length) Rail, Add A Lamp Kit with another two piece 2-meter Rail, a 6-foot Push/Pull Rod, Auxiliary Trolley, instructions and hardware for moving two grow lights . In addition, this kit comes with pre-installed Extreme Duty Trolley Wheels rated to 60 lbs, and with a lifetime warranty. As we plan our grow room lights, this kit moves two grow lights along 4 meters (12’) of Rail and all from one Kit box with the LightRail 4.20 AdjustaDrive Kit.