Greenhouse grow light movers get a better indoor plant light to more of the leaves

Turn your greenhouse into a 24/7 sun-like light producer with a light mover.

The greenhouse is, more and more, the all-season greenhouse. So, just using a greenhouse as an indoor growing system for a season and a half is how we used to grow. But now, by using offseason supplemental indoor plant light and greenhouse grow light movers, we are changing our indoor growing system for the better.

Greenhouse grow light movers help us to get sun-like indoor plant light

Winter sun is just too low on the horizon for effective indoor plant light in the off season greenhouse. And, the number of hours of this weaker winter sun is not enough for our indoor growing systems. Our off season indoor grow system needs longer hours of indoor plant light. And, our four-season greenhouse needs better quality indoor plant light for a successful indoor grow system experience. Greenhouse grow light movers help us to get there with our grow light systems.

Light movers take it to the next level

Supplemental indoor grow lights were the basic off season greenhouse addition to help get a better indoor grow setup. Those indoor grow lights were certainly better than short days with low to the horizon winter sun. But, stationary grow lamps were somewhat limiting with hot spots and shadows that non-moving grow lamps produce. Or, there would be sections of the greenhouse design with no adequate indoor plant light interaction. Greenhouse grow lamp movers take it to the next level by making our indoor growing systems just that much better.

More powerful indoor grow lights doing more good

Greenhouse grow light movers get a better quality grow lamp to the plants. And, that grow light system change happens this way. When the indoor grow lights move on grow light movers, we no longer have hot spots that stationary grow lamps produce. So, because the hot spots are eliminated, we can now get closer to the plant canopy with our grow light system. And, when our grow light systems are closer, we have more powerful indoor grow lights doing more good.

Much closer for maximum PAR and ppfd right to the canopy

This is an example of Inverse Square Law. And, it makes a serious difference to any indoor growing system.  Inverse Square Law affects indoor growing systems this way. When we are forced to position our indoor grow lights farther way because they are stationary, we lose PAR and ppfd. But, if we are able to get those same indoor grow lights closer because they are moving along a light mover rail, we win. Greenhouse grow light movers let us get our grow light systems much closer for maximum PAR right to the canopy.

Grow light system interaction at the correct amount of time for each leaf area

Greenhouse grow light movers get each grow lamp closer but they also get each grow lamp coming in at angles. So, we are now getting a stronger, better quality grow light system interaction and to more leaves. And, this change to our grow light system is really closest to natural sunlight. In other words, the sun moves and is not stationary. So, there is no reason a grow lamp should be stationary, either. Greenhouse grow light movers get your grow light systems to interact with more of the leaves. And, that grow light system interaction is at just the correct amount of time for each leaf area.

Light equals yield

That indoor growing system variable is called the Leaf Area Index (LAI) and it’s hugely important. Grow light movers that move along the light mover rail deliver the results we want. And, those indoor grow system results include faster growth, thicker stalks with more nodes, and much better yields. Light equals yield, so indoor growing systems that improve the indoor plant light quality will simply do a much job for us. That can be achieved with a LightRail 3.5 Kit or a LightRail 4.0 Kit , maybe with extra rail along with alignment pins for a longer greenhouse run. Or, special unistrut style rails can be used as another greenhouse lighting choice. The indoor grow system that has each grow lamp moving on a grow light mover will make for a better indoor grow setup. It’s just that simple.

Greenhouse grow light movers are the key towards that four season success

Grow light systems that move the indoor plant light along the light mover rail deliver a better quality grow light system. And, these greenhouse grow light movers allow us to get a more natural sunlight quality from our indoor growing system. This detail alone makes the off season greenhouse indoor grow setup successful. Duplicating the sun with greenhouse grow light movers is the key towards that four-season greenhouse success.