Indoor growing equipment and grow light movers help the success of off the grid indoor grow systems.

Off the grid indoor growing equipment combined with LightRail light movers make for significant yield increases.

Oh yes, you can go off grid with indoor growing equipment and it’s simpler than you think. Here at Gualala Robotics, we like indoor grow systems and indoor growing equipment to be maximized. And, that’s because of the quality of yield from that maximized grow equipment. Plus, we appreciate the benefits of having a year-round indoor grow setup. Those benefits include tightly rotated crops for production efficiency for the indoor growing system. All of it needs considerably less space. And, less water is needed, as in the case of a hydro grow kit.

Getting the indoor grow lights as close to the canopy as possible

If we now make an off-the-grid indoor growing equipment setup into a LightRail light mover setup with grow lamps, we have this. We can increases the indoor grow kit benefits even more. The indoor grow setup detail for the off-the-grid growing equipment is in the solar panels and a battery bank. Plus, our indoor grow setup needs to be combined with an efficient grow light system. And, the best way to improve our indoor growing equipment is to make good indoor grow lights more efficient by getting the grow lamps as close to the plants as we can, without exposing them to too much heat. The only way to really do this is by moving the indoor grow lights on indoor grow lights on LightRail light movers.

Knowing the sunlight exposure for any month of the year

The details to know as we are planning our indoor growing equipment in our off the grid indoor grow setups are these. How much off-grid solar will we need in our indoor grow setup? And, how long will we be running our grow light system each day? Also, for the indoor growing system site we’ve selected, what are the available sun hours each day? We need to look at nearby trees, mountains or any possible obstructions to our indoor grow setup. And for our indoor grow kit, we need to know how those might limit sunlight for any month of the year. That’s depending on the angle of the sun.

So, we take our total computed daily wattage needed and divide that by the number of sun hours. Then we will begin to see how much off-grid solar we will need for our indoor growing system. Also, there are off-grid kits available that are ready to go. And, there are off-grid solar companies that can help with the math and the grow equipment planning.

Inverse Square Law says the closer indoor grow lights are, the more powerful each grow lamp quality is

For any off-grid indoor grow setups, we’ll want to maximize our grow light systems. We do that to get the biggest bang for the indoor grow light wattage and ppfd numbers at hand. Inverse Square Law addresses some of this in that the closer indoor grow lights are to the plants, the more powerful that grow lamp quality is. And, that’s geometrically true for these grow lamps.

We get the highest yields, and the densest buds and fruit when our indoor grow lights are fairly close to the canopy

How to use indoor grow lights: There is only one way to achieve this grow light system boost effectively. And, that includes eliminated hot spots for our grow light systems along with reduced shadow patterns underneath. This is accomplished by moving our indoor grow light on a grow light mover, the standard bearer for rail lights being LightRail light movers. By moving our indoor grow light over the tops of the plants and eliminating the hot spots, we can get as close as we like with our grow lamps. So, this is the way to get the most efficient use of our grow equipment, specifically our indoor grow light. And, we get the highest yields, and the densest buds and fruit when our indoor grow lights are fairly close. Here is a comparison grow light ppfd chart that shows how this works.

Our indoor growing equipment that is boosted with LightRail light movers get the best, supercharged results

LightRail light movers make all the difference for these grow light systems. And, the grow light mover makes all the difference for getting maximum results from each grow lamp. So, our grow light systems that are boosted with LightRail light movers get the best, supercharged results. It’s an integral part of our grow equipment no matter what types of grow lamps are used. This is the case whether we use LightRail 3.5 Kits, LightRail 4.0 Kits or LightRail 4.20 Kits. And, as an added benefit, our electrical draw per grow light mover is only 5 to 9 watts. Plus, we cover about 30% more area and that’s per grow light. When electrical efficiency is more important than ever, these are important grow equipment details.

An off the grid grow room or off-grid garden is something to consider as part of our indoor grow kit. The off-grid indoor growing system is one more option that is available. And, that option gets us maximum results for our grow light systems when each grow lamp is moved on a grow light mover.