Linear light movers give stellar results in the growroom

Linear light movers can fill up any growroom or greenhouse, no matter the size. we can go end to end and row after row to get the best grow light system possible to the plants.

Linear light movers work great and they give us stellar results for growth rates and yield numbers. But, what about covering wider grow room dimension for our grow light systems? Also, how can we get slightly wider coverage for each grow lamp? And even bigger, how can we get the width of an entire greenhouse, grow room, container grow or grow warehouse filled using grow light movers?

Sometimes we just need a little more grow light system coverage

First to mention are the situations where we need just a little more width for our indoor growing system coverage. Sometimes we just need a little more grow light system coverage. So, this is what we can do for our grow light systems when they move with grow light movers. We can use LightRail light mover RoboStiks which turn our indoor grow lights ninety degrees. So, that’s perpendicular to the direction of travel on the light mover rail. And, what this does is it gives us a wider path of indoor plant light coverage.

End to end and row after row

Linear light movers can also be run parallel. And, in the indoor grow system, they can be spaced, row after row. So, we can plan out our indoor grow system, end to end and row after row. The math is easy for this and here is the link to growroom space planning.

30% more linear grow light system area covered

One of the advantages to using grow light movers is they can give us about 30% more linear grow light system area that’s covered, depending on grower variables. And, we have this larger area of indoor plant light efficiency and with better results. So, as we plan our lines of indoor grow lights, we can do this. Our grow light systems can start as 4’ squares on stationary grow lamps. And then, they can turn into 4’ by 6’ rectangles, as one example. Or, a grow lamp with a 5’ by 5’ stationary pattern of indoor plant light can turn into a 5’ by 7.5’ grow light system when moved on a light mover rail. So our grow room design coverage is more, and we can now reach the corners and perimeter.

The light mover system lets us finesse the grow light system

Linear light movers give us the most space flexibility. And with a light mover system, we can finesse the grow light system. LightRail light movers give us the most options for doing this with our grow light setups. And, one of the options is the LightRail 5.0 which is the side by side grow light mover. So, with a LightRail 5.0 Kit, we are using a crossbar to move two larger grow lamps each. Or, we can move three smaller indoor grow lights per crossbar. Extra crossbars, called LightRail Add A Bar Kits, can be used, as well.

The LightRail 5.0 crossbar has an adjustable span of 81”, 87” or 93”

So, we are not as linear with these grow light systems. The LightRail 5.0 crossbar has an adjustable span of 81”, 87” or 93”. So, there is some flexibility in our grow room, grow warehouse or container grow space planning. But, there are a few important grow equipment details for these grow light setups. Indoor grow lights should not be vented grow lamps when using LightRail 5.0. And, the reason for that indoor grow system note is that the crossbars of the LightRail 5.0 need to be perfectly balanced. So, it turns out vented grow lamps tug unevenly. And, that causes imbalance for this indoor grow system crossbar.

With linear light movers, we can repeat our rows

Linear light movers can give us a little more growing system width in a number of ways. First, the linear light mover setups include LightRail 3.5 Kits, LightRail 4.0 Kits and LightRail 4.20 Kits. Indoor plant light can spread just a little more sideways when we turn our grow light systems sideways, or ninety degrees, with RoboStiks. And, for the bigger picture, we can do this. For greenhouses, grow warehouses, grow rooms and container grows that are long and wide, we can repeat our rows. So, we can go end to end and row after row. It’s easy to plan.

No matter the size of the indoor grow systems

And finally, LightRail 5.0 can also give us a little more width with a side by side movement of the indoor growing system lights. Plus, LightRail 5.0 can give also be planned, end to end and row after row. Grow light movers give us the best options for efficiency, and for grow light system growth and yield results. And, no matter the size of the indoor grow systems, LightRail light movers have the most flexible options available as we plan out our spaces.