What do we know about the light mover power consumption? And, even though we save power by covering about 30% more grow room area, what kind of electricity do we use doing that? The answer is it’s a win/win. And, the first part of that win goes like this. We all understand the benefits to our grow light systems of moving the indoor grow lights with grow light movers. And, those advantages are huge and include a closer, better grow lamp interaction.

Take a look at the photo above of Botany Unlimited’s hydro grow kit with each grow lamp moving with a LightRail light mover. Because of that grow light system closeness and movement, growth rate is faster.  And, it’s that better quality indoor plant light that affects that growth rate. In addition, yields go way up when the indoor plant light moves on LightRail light movers. And, grow light movers are an efficiency product because they let us cover 30% more grow room area compared to stationary grow light systems.

At 5 watts, the power usage is similar to a nightlight

Light mover power consumption is very low.

Light mover power consumption is only 5 watts for the LightRail 3.5 motor. So, this makes it similar to a nightlight for power draw. A grow light system that uses light movers is seriously efficient.

Light mover power consumption is low. And specifically for LightRail light movers, the power consumption is very low and varies per LightRail motor. So, for the LightRail 3.5 Kit and the LightRail 5.0 Kit, the power used is only about 5 watts/ .05 amps @120 VAC. And, for the LightRail 4.0 Kit including the LightRail 4.20 Kit, the power used is 9 watts/ .75 amps @ 12 VDC. LightRail motors are seriously efficient and similar to a nightlight as far as electrical consumption.  So, that is a very important indoor growing system detail for any grow light system.

Indoor grow lights that move on grow light movers help us to do a better job in our grow rooms. And, yes, that includes a better, more powerful indoor plant light to more of the leaves. And, that better quality indoor plant light gets to those leaves at just the right amount of time. That’s called Leaf Area Index and it’s the way we can more naturally reproduce the sun.

And, our lights are now closer without any hot spots

So, this is how that works. Sunshine only comes from straight above for a fraction of the day. Mostly it comes in at angles. And, the sun very naturally interacts with multiple leaves intermittently. And, we can reproduce this most effectively by having our grow light systems move on grow light movers. Yes, this is the only way to maximize our indoor grow lights. And, grow light movers let us get our indoor grow lights closer for maximum PAR and even ppfd right to the canopy. Also, that’s without any hot spots. LightRail light movers are the only way we can accomplish that for our grow light systems, as well.

All this while covering 30% more area

LightRail light movers make all of this happen while covering about 30% more area, variable dependent. So, here is the second part of our win/win. If we are covering 30% more area with our grow light system, we are saving 30% in power usage. And, we are saving even more than that direct electrical usage of indoor grow lights because we have another savings. And, that’s specifically in a/c, and we all know that can be a big draw. So, if we are using 30% fewer grow lamps, we have 30% less heat in the room.

Light mover power consumption is close to nothing

Then, on top of all of this, our light mover power consumption is negligible. In other words, light mover power consumption is close to nothing. So really, this is more like a win/win/win/win. A grow light system that has each grow lamp moving along a light mover rail is a seriously efficient indoor growing system. And, the light mover power consumption is one more indoor growing system detail that makes us take notice.