The RoboBar provides perfect support for moving any of the larger LED grow lights. Here is a LightRail 3.5 on a 3’3″ half Rail with a Gavita Pro LED. Smooth, even glide without any lateral movement. And, each grow light can reach 75% and even up to 100% more coverage area. So, one 4’x4′ LED on a LightRail might now cover a 4’x8′ space. And, that’s with a LightRail Motor that uses only 5 watts.

The 40″ x 20″ RoboBar security features: Two connector pts with Nyloc Nuts for extra strength. And, the special design feature of 4 triangulated hanging points provides sway-proofing. Super smart. The LightRail RoboBar provides secure, stable support for any LED grow light brand, any weight, any dimension. So, Gavita Pro LED, Kind LED, Fluence Spyder, Vypr, NextLight LED, Nanolux LED, should all move LightRail’s RoboBar is the perfect vehicle.

You can only get this with LightRail by Gualala Robotics.