30 11, 2018

Grow Light Efficiency


So, to specifically boost grow light efficiency, we have robotic grow light movers that fire these powerful indoor grow lights closer for higher ppfd. Grow light efficiency is here to stay and that’s because being green matters. We’ve come a long way in getting more grow light efficiency from our grow light [...]

Grow Light Efficiency2018-11-30T10:56:02-07:00
16 11, 2018

How to Keep the Grow Tent Heat Off the Top


Let’s face it. Grow tents are limited in vertical grow system space. So, before we know it, the plants are getting way too close to the grow light. That’s noticeably true of stationary grow light systems that beat down on one canopy spot, relentlessly. So, how to keep the grow tent heat off the top [...]

How to Keep the Grow Tent Heat Off the Top2019-12-31T13:30:08-07:00
7 11, 2018

How To Keep Grow Light Power Cords


On a LightRail light mover, there is a genius product for keeping power cords moving in sync. It's how to tie grow light cords out of the way while allowing movement. And, this works with  LightRail 3.5 Kits,  LightRail 4.0 Kits and  LightRail 4.20 Kits. As we know, how to keep grow light power cords [...]

How To Keep Grow Light Power Cords2018-12-14T10:49:51-07:00
1 11, 2018

How Does Angled Indoor Plant Light Change Grow Results?


The answer might surprise you. On grow light movers, each grow light is briefly angled indoor plant light as it moves off center. Then, as the grow light moves over the canopy, it's overhead before it again becomes angled indoor plant light. This time, it's from the other side. This grow light interaction on LightRail [...]

How Does Angled Indoor Plant Light Change Grow Results?2018-11-02T15:28:12-06:00
10 10, 2018

How high should a grow light be?


The quick answer to how high should a grow light be is not very high at all. Actually, we want the grow light system to be within a foot or two of the canopy. Does that sound too extreme for our grow equipment? It is actually the best way to go to maximize our indoor [...]

How high should a grow light be?2019-12-31T13:31:59-07:00
4 10, 2018

LightRail Light Mover Basement Grow Room Design


What we know: Our basement is valuable real estate. So, whether we are doing a grow room setup, or an indoor garden or indoor greenhouse, the basement is a space to consider. Here are the advantages for basement grow room design setups. First, the basement grow room design positions our indoor grow systems right there [...]

LightRail Light Mover Basement Grow Room Design2018-10-04T14:02:30-06:00
27 09, 2018

The Secret to the Off Season Greenhouse


The off season greenhouse can allow indoor gardening year round with adequate heat and lighting. Greenhouse grow light movers make lighting supercharged for exceptional off season results. When the days are shorter and cooler; that's when we all know what’s just around the corner. And, that's when the off season greenhouse makes [...]

The Secret to the Off Season Greenhouse2018-09-27T16:51:24-06:00
20 09, 2018

Kush Cottage Grow Lamp Automation


Kush Cottage grow lamp automation with LightRail light movers. We are all about robotic grow room automation. So, when we had the opportunity to be a part of Kush Cottage grow lamp automation, we were excited. First, these indoor growing systems are beautifully logical and super controlled. Each grow room setup provides a [...]

Kush Cottage Grow Lamp Automation2018-10-04T14:04:08-06:00