LightRail Rail Alignment Pins

LightRail Rail Alignment Pins


LightRail Rail Alignment Pins and if needed, then three are needed per grow equipment Rail seam. Three LightRail Rail Alignment Pins come per set. Typically each grow light in the indoor grow room stays on it’s own Light Rail system Rail. But, for the farther grow light travel distance in a greenhouse lighting setting with some natural indoor plant light, we can get a longer run. See below.



LightRail Rail Alignment Pins allow the LightRail Motor to cross the seam from one Light Rail System Rail to another. Typically we would not want that because each grow light would stay on its own grow equipment Rail area. And, that keeps the plants from waiting too long for the grow light to come back. Exceptions which would  allow for longer grow light travel distances would be the indoor greenhouse or off season greenhouse that has some natural indoor plant light available. And, low light plants such as seedlings or lettuce could use a longer grow light system run. LightRail Rail Alignment Pins are compatible with LightRail 3.0, LightRail 3.5, LightRail 4.0 and LightRail 4.20 exclusively.


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