LightRail 5.0 Upgrades

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LightRail 5.0 Dimple Upgrade

Since its inception in 2006, the LightRail 5.0 Drive Motor has had a few important upgrades to extend the life of the 2 inner Drive “Trolley Wheels”.

Without these upgrades, inner Trolley Wheels will not have the extended life if simply replaced without the upgrades.

All LightRail 5.0s produced after November 2012, were manufactured with all of the applicable upgrades. Also, you can refer to the picture below to see if your LightRail 5.0 Drive Motor has had all of the upgrades.

LightRail 5.0 Dimple upgrade

Note: Looking at the bottom of the Drive Motor, under the black wire there is a slot that the inner drive trolley bracket protrudes through. If your LR5.0 Drive Motor has the 2 dimples, one at each end of the slot, then your Drive Motor has had all the upgrades.

If your Drive Motor does not have the dimples, it should have this upgrade performed. Gualala Robotics will perform these upgrades to any LightRail 5.0 Drive Motor regardless of its age.

Please call us at (970)761-2596 to make arrangements to send your motor in for this service.

LightRail 5.0 Trolley Wheel Replacement

LightRail 5.0 Dimple Upgrade

If you’re Drive Motor has had all the upgrades and is not working up to expectations, it may be that it is need of new inner and/or outer Trolley Wheels. These are available for $29.95 if you’d like to replace them yourself. The inner “Drive Wheels” are not available as they are not so easily replaced.  We ask in the instance that you need new inner “Drive Wheels” that you send your Drive Motor in to us for service. Once received, our technicians will also inspect and replace the inner and outer Trolley Wheels if they show signs of wear.

Please contact us at (970)761-2596 to make arrangements to send your motor in for this service.