Do The Best Grow Lights Really Need Light Movers?

Gavita with LightRail light mover

Is it necessary to move a really good indoor grow light on a light mover? Can’t the best grow lights simply be stand-alone indoor grow lights? How about double ended indoor grow lights or powerful LED grow lighting? Do the best indoor grow lights really need to be moved? The answers: Yes, no, yes, yes.

At 5 feet above the plant canopy, grow lights are only 50% of what they could be

The best indoor grow lights are strong, powerful indoor grow lighting. And, they’re designed to get the job done. This generation of indoor grow lamps are intense. They are so intense that these grow light systems are recommended to be multiple feet above the plant canopy. Now we all know that the farther away an indoor plant light is from the canopy, the weaker it is. That’s Inverse Square Law in action. It addresses the diminishing effect grow light systems have the farther away they are positioned. We know distance dilutes grow light setups in a big way. As an example, at 5 feet above the plant canopy, even the best indoor grow light is only 50% of what it could be.

So as we are looking at grow light systems, the dilemma is this: We have one powerful, high performing grow light system. But, each grow lamp has to be positioned 4 feet, 5 feet or more above the plant canopy. If we do not reach that height, the grow lamps will stress the plants. That stress is to such a degree that the plants are harmed by this stationary indoor plant light. And, then the plants will likely fail to thrive.

Stationary grow light setups force us to position these best grow lamps that money can buy far enough away

So to make our grow equipment successful, we position these best grow lamps that money can buy far enough away.  So, we have effectively made this indoor plant light average. Do you see where we’re going with this? LightRail light movers as part of the grow equipment are the solution to this very real dilemma. Good indoor grow lamps should not be deliberately handicapped in what they can offer. So, let’s get these grow light systems moving on LightRail light movers to see what that looks like.

When moved on a light mover, that indoor plant light is now a better quality light with a rectangle of coverage

When a powerfully strong indoor grow light is moved on a LightRail light mover, that growing equipment can now be lowered to be a much closer indoor grow light. And, because it is now moving along as a rail light, it evenly distributes this now more efficient grow light system. That indoor plant light is not just closer but also that grow lighting now includes a rectangle of coverage. A stationary grow light is only a square of intensity, and that includes a hot spot and ineffective shadow patterns. By simply moving that grow light system, it creates a rectangle of benefits. Those grow lighting benefits include a closer footprint of grow lamp coverage, eliminated hot spots and reduced shadow patterns with more of the plant surfaces now interacting with this better quality grow light system (Optimized Leaf Area Index).

Simply put, the best grow light setups need to be maximized on a light mover

It’s a beautiful thing and it makes all the difference for faster plant growth and increased yield. Here is what we know as we are looking at growing equipment: All grow light systems should move for the above reasons. But, the best grow light setups absolutely need to move on a LightRail light mover to unleash their full possibilities. Simply put, the best grow light setups need to be maximized on a light mover. Without that important grow equipment variable, these grow light setups would be positioned too high out of necessity and not living up to their potential.