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14 12, 2016

Grow Light System, How Far Can I Move It?

We all know that light movers get a better quality of indoor grow light to more of the plant. That better grow lamp quality for our hydroponic lighting will result in faster plant growth and much better yields. We've also heard the grow equipment stories. Typically these stories are from an inexperienced grower with his [...]

2 12, 2016

LED Grow Lights Take Off with LightRail Light Movers

LED grow lamps are genius in what they can do. That's especially true when they are moved on light movers. We all know that LED grow lights are intense, focused indoor grow lights. The variable that makes them take off in our indoor grow system is when each grow lamp is moved along a rail [...]

18 08, 2015

HydroMag UK’s LightRail Review

The Hydroponic Grow Room LightRail by Gualala – is This the Best Light Rail? LightRail Review by Christian Mason in HydroMag UK September 2014 As a LightRail review,  with possibly the coolest product name since the Snarling Dogs “Blues Bawls” Wah Pedal, the Gualala Robotics LightRail deserves to be in first place on your Christmas wish [...]

17 08, 2015

Faszination LightRail – Homegrowing, Grow Lamps with Indoor Plants

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